We Need A Little Christmas Movie Review

It’s our first weekend of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas for 2022! This is the first movie to premiere for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel for the Christmas season, so technically, it’s Hallmark’s Miracles of Christmas series, but I lump them all together for all our movie-watching purposes!! Let’s dive in to see what happens in the “We Need A Little Christmas” movie review!

Toy drive collection table with Irene, Sarah, Gavin and Peter during a scene from "We Need A Little Christmas" movie

It’s our first Miracles of Christmas movie on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! The movies on the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel tend to be a little more serious and, for me, usually bring the tears. And boy did this one bring a few touching tears! This is a sweet little story and furthermore, it’s told really well. It’s got a great cast of characters and I can’t wait to share it all with you. Let’s jump into the review!

Irene talks to Gavin during a scene from "We Need A Little Christmas" movie

My Review:

I liked this movie a lot! It brought a lot of big sads in a few different scenes, but it was done well, and left us on a happy and uplifting note, and that made me happy!


Julie and her son Gavin have moved to a new house following the death of her husband. Their new neighbor is Irene and she pops up all over town, specifically at Gavin’s Christmas Camp he’s attending the week before Christmas. Irene and Gavin take a liking to each other and have some fun during the holiday season.

Julie loses the hope of a big account for her firm and stops in at a restaurant for a drink, where she meets Peter, who need some work done on his restaurant. They begin working together and you can tell they have a ton of chemistry and that Julie is surprised that she could have some feelings only a year after her husband’s death. But good on Hallmark, they don’t rush this part of the story!

Julie and Peter work together to surprise Irene by bringing home her grandson from the military service just in time for Christmas, and they all sit down to Christmas dinner together!


Erica Durance plays Julie and she’s been in a couple of Hallmark movies pretty recently! She’s in “Color My World With Love”, “North To Home”, and “Wedding Planner Mystery”. Lynn Whitfield has been in a million things, though I believe this is her first trip down the Hallmark aisle! Patrick Sabongui has also been in a TON of projects including “The Flash” TV Show. And he was in Hallmark’s “Christmas Sail” in 2021 as well! The real star of the movie is Gavin though, played by Azriel Dalman. More on this gem in the “Fun Movie Facts” section below!

The Bottom Line

I enjoyed this movie! I thought it was well done and the storyline was great. There were a lot of tears. I don’t know that I would watch it again ever because it did have some big sads in it and that’s not my thing for sure. But the movie was really, really good and I definitely recommend it! Let me know what you think!

“We Need A Little Christmas” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about his movie:

  • Bran – “I don’t really like big sads and this movie was absolutely big sads. The one thing I’ve been asking for over the last few years is that it doesn’t always have to be about a romantic relationship, and this movie did that.”
  • Brian – “I kind of liked this for what it was. It was big sads. But this kid definitely stole the show.”
  • Dan – “This movie has a lot of integrity. It has competent performances. And I never want to watch it again. Ever, ever. There was nothing about this that drew me in. It didn’t have enough going for it to make what it was trying to do work.”
  • Jacks – “I loved Azzi and Lynn Whitfield. I enjoyed it for what it was. I think the sad movies should be on Sunday nights for the Sunday scaries.”
  • Alonzo – “For all the movies to be called “We Need A Little Christmas”, this one was nutty. I was happy there was not a smooch at the end of the movie because that was the one part of this movie I felt like I hadn’t seen ten thousand times before. This was a “Frankenbummer”, it was all the sad stuff from all the movies stitched together.”

You-Tube Video Cast

Would you rather watch the review episode on video? Well, here you have it!

Location, Location, Location

“We Need A Little Christmas” was filmed in Kelowna, British Columbia, which looks to be just gorgeous! It’s not far from Vancouver and looks like a charming place to visit! Hallmark has inspired that I definitely need to do a tour of Canada in the future for SURE!

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Movie Must Haves:

There were a couple of items in this movie that I just ADORED! I went online shopping until I found some items that were super similar, if not the exact same thing! So, if you had the same envy I did, here’s where you can find some of the great items seen in the movie!

The original red jumpsuit is sold out at NYKAA Fashion. But this red jumpsuit from Amazon is way more affordable and is gorgeous, too! Both are just amazing and perfect for the holidays!

I LOVED Erica Durance’s purse/work bag! Though I could not find the exact one, but this one is pretty close and SOOOOOO cute and reasonable on the wallet! I knew finding the exact match would be rough!

This coat has a little more green than Erica’s, but I love it and it’s the same great cut on the coat as hers is also! There are a ton of fun plaid pattern choices online for this one so check that out!

Lynn Whitfield’s yellow coat is AMAZING!!! The color is so refreshing and lovely! This Calvin Klein is amazing and affordable! It’s not an exact match, but it’s pretty close and I could not adore it more!!

I love this pullover quarter zip sweater that Lynn Whitfield is wearing in this scene! This option has SO many colors and is super affordable!

Here’s another option on the stockings! These look more like the ones in the movie but don’t have the fur liners. But they are also adorable!

This wreath looks similar to what’s above the fireplace! It’s a battery-operated lit wreath! We got one similar to this last year and we loved it!

This apron looks just like Lynn Whitfield’s in the movie and I love it. It’s cute and festive and it’s perfect for everyday use to keep messes at bay!

Fun Film Facts

Azriel Dalman plays Gavin and this kid makes the entire movie in my opinion! My guy here is 7 years old and has been in… wait for it… 32 MOVIES. 32. I’ve barely REVIEWED 32 movies and I’m 41!

He’s been in a TON of Hallmark movies including “Heart of the Matter”, “Joy For Christmas” (ok, that was GAC), “Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas”, “Coyote Creek Christmas”, and “Sweet Carolina”. That’s a pretty hefty list — and that’s just the Hallmark movies!

Wrap-Up – “We Need A Little Christmas”

All four main actors of "We Need A Little Christmas" smiling in a picture on set, including Lynn Whitfield, Erica Durance, Patrick Sabongui, and Azriel Dalman

The Hallmark Christmas movie season is truly off to the races! I’m so excited with how they have kicked off the movies for the season and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next! This movie was great and I truly enjoyed “We Need A Little Christmas.” It was a little more sad than I want in a Christmas movie, but hey — sometimes you need a good cry and a touching movie, and if that’s your jam, then this movie will fit that bill perfectly! I can’t wait to hear what you think of the movie! Until then, Happy Hallmarking and Happy Early Merry Christmas!

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