To Her, With Love Movie Review

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries aired their second movie in the Mahogany series this week. While the first movie took us to Italy, the second movie in the franchise brought us to a small town in North Carolina, in the local high school. Hopefully, these two movies are the first of many launched under Hallmark’s Mahogany brand. Let’s dive into the “To Her, With Love” Movie Review!

Skye P. Marshall, Tobias Truvillion and Brittany L. Smith speak at the art showcase during a scene from To Her, With Love

The Fall season is flying by and we are already to our second Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Mahogany franchise movie! The first in the franchise was “Unthinkably Good Things” and it was a major hit for the network. The second movie in the franchise is “To Her, With Love,” which is the subject of our movie review today and I can’t wait to dive in! The first Mahogany movie took us to Italy, and this second one takes us to a small town in North Carolina,

Mahogany Series:

In case you missed it from the first review, here’s what the Mahogany series on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will include. I’ve got a quote straight from Hallmark’s Crown Media press release to explain:

“The slate of movies are rooted in the iconic Hallmark greeting card line of the same name. Mahogany will expand Crown Media’s content offerings with powerful storytelling that exemplifies Hallmark’s core ethos – family, community, human connection, positivity and the transformational power of love – through the unique lens of Black culture.”

Hallmark Press Release
Skye P. Marshall and Tobias Truvillion talk in the library with fake Hawaiian flowers during a scene from To Her, With Love movie

My Review:

I really enjoyed this movie. I’m the child of a teacher, so I’m always an immediate sucker for a movie about an underfunded school program, and this one was no different! I love a good story about the arts programs at schools as well!

This was a really, really good movie. I enjoyed all the students in the movie and all the dynamics they brought to the storyline. I liked the reality of Skye P. Marshall’s character of Kayla coming from a fancy private school that had all the resources it needed to a small town publicly funded high school that was low on funds and supplies.

I liked that they included all the arts in the program, not just actual drawing and painting. It was excellent to highlight that the arts include dancing, written word, spoken word, and music, as well as actual painting, drawing, and other traditional art mediums.

I liked the parallel that Kayla was finding her way in life and finding her way in her new job with her new students as well. I enjoyed watching the character of Kayla try to decide if she was going back to that private school to teach or if she was going to stick and stay at her new job with the kids she has now bonded with.

I’m pretty sure your average art teacher in a high school sees at least a hundred different students a day, and not just the same 8-10, but that’s not so good for the movie making, which I understand. Still, it stuck with me there that it wasn’t super realistic to an actual teacher’s job for sure.

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie. I would definitely recommend it and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it when you watch it!

“To Her, With Love” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

Map of North Carolina with the town of Salisbury highlighted in red

This movie was filmed in Salisbury, North Carolina. Salisbury is a small town directly between Winston-Salem and Charlotte, North Carolina with a population of about 33,000 people. The school scenes were filmed in Salisbury High School and then there were various other shots around the downtown area. I’ve been through this town many, many times and I was so excited when I read that Hallmark was filming there!

Fun Film Facts

R&B Singer/Songwriter Shanice Wilson-Knox is featured in a cameo appearance in several scenes of “To Her, With Love.” I’m about to date myself because Shanice was all over the place during my teen years, back in the early ’90s. She had a ton of hit songs, such as “Lovin’ You”, “I Love Your Smile”, “It’s For You”, and “If I Never Knew You.” She was on the Beverly Hills 90210 soundtrack with “Saving Forever For You” as well! She’s also an actress and has additionally been on Broadway. I was SO excited she was in this movie!

The kids of the art showcase take a bow during a scene from To Her, With Love movie

Wrap Up – “To Her, With Love”

We’ve wrapped up the review for the second Mahogany franchise movie! I thoroughly enjoyed “To Her, With Love” and I highly recommend it to anyone that hasn’t seen it yet. I loved the small-town feels it gave you, and like I said earlier, as the child of a teacher, it resonated so much with me. The cast of actors and actresses are fantastic and did such a good job together as well. It was announced the next Mahogany movie will be one of the Christmas movies, and I am so excited to see what Hallmark Movies & Mysteries does next! Until then, Happy Hallmarking!


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