The Professional Bridesmaid Movie Review

Hallmark’s Spring Into Love season is in full swing, and what would the season of love be without a fun and zany movie about weddings and bridesmaids!? Let’s jump right into “The Professional Bridesmaid” movie review!

Hunter King and Chandler Massey pose together on set of "The Professional Bridesmaid" movie.

It’s full swing into Hallmark’s Spring Into Love Season, and this week has a fun movie on the line up! “The Professional Bridesmaid” has all the fun makings of a fun romantic comedy movie for the Hallmark lovers of the world! I love a good story of an undercover bridesmaid! How fun! Let’s dive right into “The Professional Bridesmaid” movie review and see what we all think about the movie!

Bridesmaids in coral colored fluffy dresses posing with a bride in a scene during "The Professional Bridesmaid" movie.

My Review:

I liked this movie! I didn’t absolutely love it, but I certainly didn’t hate it either. Hunter King is great and I love her so much. I’m not blaming it on her for sure. Something was off with the chemistry between her and Chandler Massey, and to me, they just were not a couple that worked at all. But the movie was a fun time and I’d probably watch it again!


Maggie is a professional bridesmaid that gets hired to be in the wedding for the mayor’s daughter, Alexis. She’s to make things run smoothly and perfectly for the bride, all behind the scenes. Meaning she has to assume a new identity and can’t tell anyone her true name, especially with the mayor coming up on an election year.

Henry is a reporter that’s been ordered to cover the wedding and he’s used to more hard-hitting journalism. He continuously tries to get a meeting with the mayor to talk about “real issues” and he’s relentless on trying to get an interview with the mayor.


I adore Hunter King. And she’s had a BUNCH of movies this past year for Hallmark including “Hidden Gems”, “Nikki and Nora: Sister Sleuths”, and “A Royal Corgi Christmas”. Chandler Massey was newer to me too. He’s been in quite a few Hallmark movies recently, including “Heart of the Matter”, “A Tale of Two Christmases”, and last year’s big Christmas hit, “Next Stop, Christmas.” Oh, and he’s been on a little daytime show called DAYS OF OUR LIVES for the last 13 years!!!!

The Bottom Line

This movie was fine. I thought the chemistry between the lead actors was a little meh. Nothing super special there. I did love the friendship that blossomed between the bride and Maggie. That was a fun part of the story. And I enjoyed the movie. But I think there was a chance for this to be really great and it fell a little short of that for me.

“The Professional Bridesmaid” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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Hunter King smiles at Chandler Massey, while Chandler Masey smiles at the camera on the set of "The Professional Bridesmaid" movie.

Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about his movie:

  • Bran – “I like Hunter King and I really like Chandler Massey. But this movie was not interesting. Unfortunatley, aside from liking the leads, I didn’t like a lot else about this movie. It was kind of a snooze. Eh, it was fine.”
  • Brian – “This movie was heavy on the wedding facts. It was shot very nicely. On paper the story was nice but it didn’t translate to the movie. It was boring, I wanted more drama. I wanted more of the ensemble cast.”
  • Dan – “I would call this movie inoffensively bad. It doesn’t make any ginormous mistakes, but it’s just kinda there. It’s not doing a whole lot. It’s shot well. I like Hunter King and Chandler Massey just fine, but the movie doesn’t do anything to stand out in a good way or a bad way.”

Location, Location, Location

“The Professional Bridesmaid” was filmed in Vancouver, British Colombia, and also Langley, British Columbia (a suburb of Vancouver). This area of Canada is just gorgeous and I can’t wait till I can visit it one day soon!

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Fun Film Facts

This movie isn’t based on a book — as far as I know! But it turns out there is in fact a book by Katy Birchall that sounds super similar! Check it out!

Wrap-Up – “The Professional Bridesmaid” Movie Review

Maggie and Henry are leaning in to kiss each other in a scene from "The Professional Bridesmaid" movie.

That’s a wrap for “The Professional Bridesmaid” movie review! As I said earlier, the movie is fine. It’s not great. It’s not awful. The movie is a fun watch and I really enjoyed the banter between the bridesmaids and then Maggie and the bride. I can’t wait to see more out of Hunter King and Chandler Massey as well! Let me know what you think once you’ve seen the movie! Until then… Happy Hallmarking!

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