The Journey Ahead Movie Review

Hallmark Movies and Mysteries debuted their second August movie this week! Hallmark Movies and Mysteries has announced at least 8 new movies to debut during August and September 2022! It’s so exciting!! Let’s dive right into “The Journey Ahead” movie review and see how this one turns out!

From left to right, Holly Robinson Peete, Kaylee Bryant and Mark Humphrey pose for a picture on set of The Journey Ahead movie

Here we are with the next new Hallmark Movies & Mysteries August movie! I don’t think that the Movies & Mysteries channel is necessarily claiming that these are Fall movies, and this movie definitely isn’t Fall-themed. But what it does have is a lot of road trips and a definite outdoorsy vibe! And Holly Robinson Peete is pretty much an absolute gem at anything she does, in my opinion, and this movie is no exception! Let’s dive in and find out all about this adventure road trip about falling back in love with your life and finding yourself.

Kaylee Bryant and Holly Robinson Peete pose for a picture on set of The Journey Ahead movie

My Review:

I really enjoyed this movie! It was a different type of story than usual and I really liked that! The story was way more about Holly Robinson Peete’s character, Madeline, finding herself again, than it was a love story. And I loved that the other main character, Kaylee Bryant, who played Sarah, was also on a journey herself.

The movie had real conversations and real topics and wasn’t always just a ball of fun and innocence. Madeline’s boyfriend is cheating on her. She’s dealing with being an actress of a certain age that’s no longer getting the prime parts. And there’s a massive mystery of what she’s going to find out at this doctor in New York. Does she have cancer? Or just a benign tumor?

And actress Madeline doesn’t even like her life anymore, so what’s to be done about that? And let’s not bury the lead, she gave up a baby at 18 and that grown child now wants to meet her! Meeting Carl (played by Mark Humphrey) is almost a peripheral thing in the movie, and isn’t the central plot line, at all! And Sarah is healing from her own broken heart. And is estranged from her mom. I’m telling you, it’s a lot of real-life conversations and situations!

Actress Chemistry

I think Holly Robinson Peete and Kaylee Bryant were brilliant together. Watching Sarah and Madeline’s relationship mesh more and more as the trip evolved was wonderful. I adored that Sarah’s character wouldn’t just bow down to Madeline just because she was famous. The dynamic between those two on screen was fantastic and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I definitely recommend this movie! If you’ve not seen it yet, I would definitely put it on your list. It’s really enjoyable to watch and the actors in this movie are so, so talented! Let me know what you think once you’ve seen it!

“The Journey Ahead” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

“The Journey Ahead” was filmed in Squamish, British Columbia in Canada. Even though it’s supposed to be set in the West and Pacific Northwest United States. Though I’m not sure any of the locations overlapped, it was filmed in the same location and area as “A Splash of Love” was filmed earlier this year.

Fun Film Facts

Did you know that not only is Holly Robinson Peete a wonderful actress, but she’s also now a producer? She’s the executive producer for three films in the last three years for Hallmark Movies & Mysteries! She also stars in each of these movies, and they are really great watches. They are more serious than your usual Hallmark movies, but she does an awesome job! This upcoming Christmas season, see if you can catch any of these on repeat: A Family Christmas Gift, The Christmas Doctor, and Our Christmas Journey.

Mark Humphrey, Holly Robinson Peete and Kaylee Bryant around a campfire during a scene from The Journey Ahead

Wrap Up – The Journey Ahead

I love a good Hallmark Movies & Mysteries movie and this one did not disappoint! I loved how different it was, and let’s face it, any time you get Holly Robinson Peete on the screen, it’s sure to be wonderful. The casting department nailed it on their picks for this movie. The people you weren’t supposed to like were super unlikeable, and the ones you needed to love were the greatest and you loved them immediately! I really enjoyed this movie and I thought it was a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend it and I would love to know what you think after you’ve seen it! Let me know! Until then, Happy Hallmarking!


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