Romance To The Rescue Movie Review

It’s Hallmark May Movie time!!! There isn’t a theme for the month of May, it’s just a bunch of “Bonus Originals” movies for the month, and this is the “Romance To The Rescue” movie review! This week’s movie is “Romance To The Rescue” starring Andrea Brooks and Marcus Rosner in a delightful movie about rescue dogs and finding romance!

Romance to the Rescue movie scene with Andrea Brooks and Marcus Rosner squatting down with Sam the dog.

We are well into our Hallmark May Movies! Usually there is a theme for May, but this year it’s just a handful of movies that Hallmark is lumping into the “Bonus Movie Originals” category. I love the May movies because they usually have lots of beautiful Spring weather and scenery, and this movie didn’t disappoint! This movie was filmed in Langley, British Columbia, near Vancouver, and the scenery was absolutely gorgeous. So let’s jump in to “Romance to the Rescue” and see what kind of fun awaits! I’ve shared my review, as well as links to the podcast and Youtube video reviews from the Deck the Hallmark Podcast fellas! And they have some interviews from the stars of the movie too!

Romance to the Rescue movie stars Marcus Rosner on the left and Andrea Brooks on the right.

My Review:

I absolutely adored this movie. Marcus Rosner and Andrea Brooks are fantastic in this movie. This isn’t the first time they have been pair as a couple in a Hallmark movie (They were the couple getting married in “A Harvest Wedding”) and I certainly hope it’s not the last! We can all agree, the real star of this show is actually Sam, the rescue dog! (In real life, HER hame is Nova.) She’s fantastic and such a beautiful dog! This movie has fun a fun grocery store! There’s homemade dog treats! There’s romance! There are resuce dogs! There’s dog training! What more could you ask for in a movie? Seriously! I loved it and was totally engaged for the entire movie. It was just like a warm hug the entire time!

The Real Star of the Show

Romance to the Rescue movie star Sam the dog in his dog house.

The real star of this movie is Sam the dog. In real life, Sam’s actually a girl and her name is Nova. If you want to see more pictures and info on Nova in her real life, you can follow AllStars K9 Training on Instagram. This dog is just beautiful, and apparently from all the tricks she does in the movie, wickedly smart!

Romance To The Rescue – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

Listen On Spotify:

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You can listen to the episode on Google Podcasts HERE.

Would you rather watch the movie review on YouTube?


Do you love the stars of this movie?! Well, the guys interviewed Marcus Rosner right before the movie premiered! And he’s great and super funny too. Links to listen or watch are below!

Marcus Rosner Interview – Audio

Listen On Spotify:

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Listen to the episode on Google Podcasts HERE.

Marcus Rosner Interview – YouTube Video

Andrea Brooks Interview – Audio

This is an older interview with Andrea Brooks. She also plays Faith Carter on “When Calls The Heart” and the fellas interviewed her back in March about Season 9 of “When Calls The Heart” and she is an absolute delight.

Listen On Spotify:

Listen on Apple Podcasts:

Listen to the episode on Google Podcasts HERE.

Andrea Brooks Interview – YouTube

Romance to the Rescue movie stars Marcus Rosner and Andrea Brooks side by side.

Wrap Up – Romance To The Rescue Movie Review

That’s it for this week’s May movie and the “Romance To The Rescue” movie review! I hope you enjoyed it, and even if you didn’t, the Deck the Hallmark podcast review was fantastic this week. I think you’ll like this one. The stars have great chemistry and the puppy love makes this movie worth the watch all by itself! I was a big fan! It was a fun watch and I’d highly recommend it! Let me know what you think!


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