Romance In Style Movie Review

Hallmark’s 2022 Fall into Love season is off to a strong start! Hallmark is forging their way into a new arena, covering the important issue of body positivity in this movie! You’ll have to read the Romance in Style Movie Review to see how this new concept turned out!

Jaicy Elliot and Ben Hollingsworth pose back to back for photos on set for the movie Romance In Style

It’s another week of new Fall into Love movies! This week, Hallmark took on an entirely new subject (as far as I know) and covered body positivity! I was so excited! They have taken what could be a touchy subject, and in my opinion, handled it extremely well. And this movie has it all! Fashion! Love story! Strong Entrepreneur Woman! Fun Friends! Villans! I loved it and I hope you’ll enjoy the “Romance in Style” movie review.

Ben Hollingsworth holds Jaicy Elliot in a scene from Romance In Style

My Review:

As a plus-sized person, this movie was a first for me on Hallmark. I was stoked to see someone that’s more towards my size and shape as the lead character in a movie! Not just the best friend off to the side. THE LEAD OF THE MOVIE!

And Jaicy Elliot does a bang-up job of conveying body positivity and how hard that can be to achieve for someone. And that it’s a constant work in process. I thought this subject was handled really, really well. I didn’t feel like it was condescending in any way.

Body confidence aside, this was a really good movie! The love story was great, and I loved that! I love Ben Hollingsworth and I’m excited we got to see him twice in a row so soon! (He was just in “Splash of Love” a few weeks ago!)

As for the 2 women villains, Jorja Cadence (Liza) and Laura Soltis (Claudia), could these two have been any better? They were excellent villains and I thoroughly enjoyed their interference and hijinx!

Last, but not least, did the movie give us Fall feels? Oh, absolutely not. Not a pumpkin, PSL, or Fall color in sight! And can I tell you something? I didn’t even care! That’s how much I loved this movie! I can’t wait to see what you think! Let me know when you watch it!

“Romance In Style” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

“Romance in Style” was set in New York City. But it was actually filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada in June 2022. I thought they did a super nice job of making it look like New York City! And it would have to be so much cheaper and SO much easier to film in a smaller city!

Fun Film Facts

The fun film facts is more of a shout out and salute to the costume designer in this movie, Quita Alfred! Quita and her team had Jaicy Elliot (Ella) in 21 different outfits in this movie! And they were all so amazing and gorgeous! And I loved how it shows that a full-figured woman can still have clothes that are incredibly stylish, fun, flirty, and cute! See just a few of the outifts below:

Ben Hollingsworth and Jaicy Elliot are about to kiss in a scene from Romance In Style

Wrap Up – Romance In Style

Week 2 of the 2022 Fall Into Love season is complete! Romance in Style was a great movie and if you couldn’t already tell, I really enjoyed it! I love the Hallmark is trying new things with their movies and making more inclusive stories. I loved the two lead actors and I thought they did a fantastic job in this movie. The only thing that would have made me love this movie more is if we could have gotten some Fall scenery or colors! In all seriousness though, I think the issue of body positivity was handled really well in this movie and I can’t wait to hear what you think when you watch it! Until then, Happy Hallmarking!


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  1. Are any of Quita Alfred’s gorgeous designs for Plus Size Women from Romance in Style available to buy?
    I hope so. The Body Positivity finally was addressed so well by Quita Alfred and the outstanding cast.
    Looking forward to hearing back.
    Dr.Teresa Upton, PH.D.

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