Pumpkin Everything Movie Review

If you can believe it, it’s the second to last Fall into Love movie!!!!! Christmas movies are around the corner!! Fall into Love has given us so many new movies this Fall and this is the first one that’s been super concentrated with all the Fall scenery and feels! Let’s dive into the Pumpkin Everything Movie Review!

Taylor Cole and Corey Sevier pose together on the set of Pumpkin Everything movie

Here we go, everyone! It feels like we just got started on Fall movies, but in fact, this is the tenth one of the Fall Into Love Season! We have one more to go after this and then we all know what time it is!!??!! Christmas movie time!!! “Pumpkin Everything” arrived just in time, and it’s got all the Fall feels you’ll need to get you through the rest of the Fall season. Compared to the other Fall Into Love movies, this one is a regular “Fall-a-palooza” of Fall decor and fun! Let’s dive right on into our “Pumpkin Everything” movie review.

Corey Sevier builds a scarecrow in a scene from Pumpkin Everything movie

My Review:

Fall decorations and a Fall theme! FINALLY!!!! We have been waiting for the Fall movies to actually give us Fall feels and our day has finally come! Plus the whole movie is set in the backdrop of a store called “Pumpkin Everything”? Get out of here! I’m already a fan and we are barely starting!

I am a huge fan of Taylor Cole. She’s great in all the movies that I’ve seen her star in on the Hallmark Channel. And I really like Corey Sevier, too! We already saw him this year in Road Trip Romance and we’ll be seeing him again in a Christmas movie in a few weeks! I really liked him in Hearts of the Holidays, too! I thought they had great chemistry on screen and were a delightful on-screen couple to watch.

Grandpa is a grouchy monster. Let’s just get that out of the way on the front end. He’s so grouchy! And mean to Amy! Just because she followed her dream and became a writer. And she’s evidently very successful and popular. I like that in the end he finally came around and read her book and liked it. It was also very satisfying when she did her video on her phone and marketed herself and the Pumpkin Everything store and he took notice and saw that she was a very smart businesswoman.

Enjoyable But Irritable

I really enjoyed this movie, but I was also so incredibly irritated by the grandpa that I had a hard time enjoying this movie. If that makes any sense at all. But absolute props to Michael Ironside, because he acted so dang WELL in this movie that I was mad at him! He definitely got the job done.

All in all, I did enjoy the movie and I’d definitely recommend it going forward! It’s a great Fall movie and would definitely help anyone get in the Fall mood for sure!! Let me know what you think about the movie!

“Pumpkin Everything” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

“Pumpkin Everything” was filmed in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The movie was set in the fictional town of Autumnboro, but in real life, it was filmed on location in Canada, as are most Hallmark films. The area they were in was gorgeous though, and the house/store was beautiful!

Fun Film Facts

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This movie was actually based on the book of the same name, “Pumpkin Everything” by Beth Labonte. It’s actually a series of 2 books, and both are linked if you are interested in further reading!

I definitely plan on reading both, because I adore a good book series! Beth Labonte is new to me as an author but she seems to have a bunch of books, and there is also a Christmas series I have my eye on for SURE of hers including “Merry Little Love Story in Reindeer Falls” and “Love Notes in Reindeer Falls”.

Corey Sevier and Taylor Cole pose together in front of the Pumpkin Everything store on the set of Pumpkin Everything movie

Wrap Up – Pumpkin Everything

I can’t believe we are on the next to last Fall movie! It seemed like there were so many and it has just flown by! I know Christmas movies will go even faster!! I really did enjoy this movie and I thought it was a sweet love story. There were a lot of real-life situations that you don’t usually see a ton of in Hallmark movies and that was a refreshing change for sure. I would highly recommend the movie and can’t wait to hear what you think of it! Until then, Happy Hallmarking!

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This post contains affiliate links. If you purchase something from those links, I may make a small commission. See our full Disclosure and Disclaimer Policy here.

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