Marry Me In Yosemite Movie Review

Hallmark’s 2022 Fall into Love September movies kicked off this week with “Marry Me In Yosemite.” Cindy Busby is a Hallmark veteran and an overall general delight onscreen along with some new faces to the channel! Let’s dive into the Marry Me In Yosemite movie review to see how it all turns out!

Wedding scene with Cindy Busby and Tyler Harlow in Marry Me In Yosemite movie

We are well into the Hallmark Fall movies! Fall Into Love 2022 season has a ton of new movies and they have been a delight! I love any movie with Cindy Busby and add some gorgeous Yosemite National Park scenery and I am IN! Cindy Busby is a photojournalist and Tyler Harlow is a conservationist and this is just a super cute love story with amazing landscapes for the background! Let’s jump right into the “Marry Me In Yosemite” movie review!

Cindy Busby with a camera and Tyler Harlow backpacking in a scene from Marry Me In Yosemite movie

My Review:

As I’ve said before, I adore Cindy Busby! I really liked Tyler Harlow as well! He was a new face for me and I thought he was great. He played a really convincing off-the-grid rugged mountain conservationist man. And I thought that these two as the lead characters had pretty good chemistry as well!

I would have loved to see some Fall colors and leaves since it’s a Fall movie! But so far, all of the 2022 season of Fall movies on Hallmark has been decidedly un-Fall. I think one movie mentioned a Pumpkin Spice Latte and that was it! Not a Fall color in sight! So, if I had a complaint, it would be that I’d like some Fall feels, please!!!!

I thought the scenery of Yosemite National Park was just gorgeous and I thoroughly enjoyed watching all of the history and sights the park had to offer for sure. It definitely made me want to travel there! And it definitely made me want to get my camera out and see what all kinds of stuff it will do!

All in all, I really enjoyed this movie! It won’t be my all-time favorite of the Fall movies or my favorite of this year’s Fall into Love season, but it was really good and solid and I thoroughly enjoyed the watch! You should definitely give it a watch, too!

“Marry Me In Yosemite” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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Do you love the stars of this movie?! Well, the Deck the Hallmark podcast guys have interviewed Cindy Busby for a previous movie and she is a delight! This interview isn’t related to “Marry Me In Yosemite” as it was conducted in 2020, but it’s great! Links to listen are below!

Cindy Busby smiling at the camera in a scene from Marry Me In Yosemite movie

Cindy Busby Interview

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Location, Location, Location

“Marry Me In Yosemite” was filmed in none other than… you guessed it… Yosemite National Park! And what gorgeous scenery! I knew very little about Yosemite National Park until this movie. I’m even embarrassed to say I had no idea which state it was in out West. And now I know it’s in California, and it’s a MUST-see on the travel bucket list. All those waterfalls and rock formations? Get out of here – those are fantastically gorgeous. I have to see El Capitan and Half Dome. Those formations looked amazing! Those things aren’t mountains. They are GRANITE. Like, solid granite rock formations. I find that fascinating! And it’s definitely on the travel list now for sure!

Fun Film Facts

I don’t have any fun filming facts for “Marry Me In Yosemite,” but I do have for you that Cindy Busby played a photographer in another Hallmark Movie called “Chasing Waterfalls” in 2021. It is also an absolute delight and I highly recommend it if you’ve not seen it! There are a TON of waterfalls and gorgeous scenery (including Hallmark’s beloved Christopher Russell!) in this movie!

Cindy Busby and Tyler Harlow kiss in a scene from Marry Me In Yosemite movie

Wrap Up – Marry Me In Yosemite

That’s another Fall 2022 movie in the books! These are really moving along and I’m enjoying them so much! I would definitely love to see a little more Fall colors and decorations, but these have been really fun watches and I’m having a blast watching them! There are still plenty of Fall movies to go and then (eeeeekkkk!!!!!!!!) it’ll be time for the Christmas movie season to begin! I’m so excited! If you need me I’ll be snuggled up with my Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks while I watch more Fall movies!


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