Marry Go Round Movie Review

Hallmark’s Fall into Love season is moving along, as is the Fall season! This movie stars Brennan Elliott and Amanda Schull in a second chance at love storyline, which is my personal favorite plot, so let’s dive into the Marry Go Round movie review to see where we end up!

Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott ride a carousel during a scene from Hallmark's Marry Go Round movie

It’s already Hallmark’s 6th movie in their Fall lineup this week! Fall In To Love 2022 is REALLY moving on!! I have been SO excited for this movie to come out. I adore Brennan Elliott and have loved every single Hallmark movie he’s ever been in. And to be honest, one of my very favorite plot devices for a movie is a second chance at love with an old flame. And man does this movie deliver on that FOR SURE! Let’s dive into our “Marry Go Round” movie review and see what happens!

Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott dance during a scene from Hallmark's Marry Go Round movie

My Review:

I adored this movie. I love a second chance at love storyline in a movie. Add to that it was your high school sweetheart that you were married to for a short while? Oh, give me that movie all day long.

Let’s all agree that the mother is an absolute MONSTER in this movie. Talk about overstepping. GOOD GRACIOUS. And the actress (Mary-Beth Manning) plays the part SO flipping well!

And while we are on the subject of the actors and actresses, I love Brennan Elliott. He’s fantastic and he always delivers. Amanda Schull is newer to me, but I absolutely adored her in Project Christmas Wish and One Summer, and this movie was no different! And I thought that they had great chemistry together as well!

I loved the amusement park, what is more nostalgic than that? And then add in an actual carousel? So much fun. And speaking of nostalgia, I’m an absolute sucker for any slow dance scene, and this one was SO super good.

I thought the movie was fantastic and I can’t recommend it enough. Let me know what you think when you watch it!


I adored the music at the dance played by “Ruthie’s Status Update” in the movie. I cannot find any information on who sings that song in real life or if it’s an actual song outside the movie at all. The actress who played Ruthie is Sophia Chapdelaine, but I couldn’t find if that was her actually singing or if it was someone else. Either way, I LOVED it and thought it was great! If anyone finds out the answer to this, let me know!

“Marry Go Round” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Do you love the stars of this movie?! The Deck the Hallmark guys interviewed Brennan Elliott back in January 2022 for his movie “The Perfect Pairing” and he’s fantastic, as always!

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Location, Location, Location

“Marry Go Round” was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada in July 2022. Though there is really not much in the movie that would have screamed Vancouver, that’s the filming location. And it was so recent! They really turn these movies around quickly!

Fun Film Facts

Brennan Elliott looking toward Amanda Schull (Unpictured) during a scene from Hallmark's Marry Go Round movie

Did you know that Brennan Elliott has been in over 20 Hallmark Movies!? Between The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, he has racked up over 20 filming credits. And I hope he just continues on and on because he’s fantastic in every single one of them. (Give me about 30 more movies with him and Lacey Chabert and I’ll be happy forever!)I’ve never not liked him in his movies! He’s a star all the way.

Amanda Schull and Brennan Elliott embrace in the courtroom during a scene from Hallmark's Marry Go Round movie

Wrap Up – Marry Go Round

What a sweet little love story this movie turned out to be! Another Fall into Love move is in the books! (Though, to be fair, no signs of Fall whatsoever in this movie, much like the rest of the Fall lineup so far!) I loved this movie and found it entertaining the entire time. Hallmark needs to use these actors as much as they can in the future too! I hope you enjoy the movie


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  1. Thank you for the link to the song! I have been searching for it forever! I just downloaded it on Apple Music. 🙂

  2. Truly one of the dumbest plots ever…hard to believe that anyone would not just throw up and turn away. Felt sorry for Brennan Elliott and Amanda Schull…who watches and doesn’t just give up watching a totally unbelievable plot!

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