In Merry Measure Movie Review

It’s the beginning of week 4 of Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas! The movies are in full swing and I’m getting more and more into the Christmas spirit every week! Our opening movie of the weekend stars the delightful Patti Murin and Brendan Penny. Let’s jump into our “In Merry Measure” movie review!

Brendan Penny and Patti Murin smile at the pub during a scene from "In Merry Measure" movie

Week 4 of Christmas movies already! I am absolutely loving this season of Hallmark Christmas movies! I have been impressed with this year’s lineup so far! And there are still so many movies yet to come this season! I am firmly in my happy place watching Christmas movies! And this one? It’s an absolute gem. Let’s get right into the “In Merry Measure” movie review!

Brendan Penny and Patti Murin out for a dinner date in a scene from "In Merry Measure" movie

My Review:

I really adored this movie. High school choir rivals unite to coach a somewhat unlikely group of kids in a Christmas singing contest? SIGN ME UP. It was like Sister Act met a Hallmark movie and I found it to be an utter delight. The characters were fantastic, the chemistry was off the charts, and the music was AWESOME. I loved it.


Darcy, a somewhat has-been pop star, played by Patti Murin, comes back to her hometown to celebrate Christmas with her newly widowed sister (Jennifer Robertson) and neice (Cassidy Reichman). Her talented niece doesn’t make the school Christmas choir and Darcy investigates only to find the choir is directed by her high school rival, Adam (Brendan Penny), who is only interested in winning the competition and doesn’t want to take any new chances on new talent.

Darcy starts her own choir and finds out her kids are, indeed, wildly talented. They originally were going to have a sing off to see which choir from the school would get to enter the choir competition, but the kids are all friends and beg the teachers to work together and combine the choirs.

They do combine and Darcy and Adam start to fall for each other as well. Darcy gets an offer to renew her record contracts, but will she leave Adam and the choir to fulfill her dreams? Or could she make it all work? Tune in to find that part out. Wink wink.


The phenomenal Patti Murin plays in this movie and I could not adore her more. She’s been in other Hallmark movies (Love on Iceland) and in other network TV shows (Chicago Med) and she has starred in several roles on BROADWAY! I love her in everything I’ve seen her in and I thought she was an absolute delight in this movie. And man can she sing! Brendan Penny plays her love interest and I always adore him. He has been in a ton of Hallmark movies, especially Christmas ones!) and most notably has a starring role in Hallmark’s Chesapeake Shores show.

Cassidy Reichman plays Megan and she is new on the scene and surely this won’t be the last we see or hear of her! And then, the amazing Jennifer Robertson (Of Schitt’s Creek fame!) plays Darcy’s sister Gretchen to absolute perfection, and I could not adore her more.

The Bottom Line

In case you didn’t get the idea yet — I really loved this movie! I highly recommend it. The actors are fantastic. The supporting actors are even better! If you’ve not seen it yet, take a beat and go watch it. It really was delightful and so very uplifting. And hearing Patti Murin sing? Come ON! She’s fantastic! Let me know what you think of the movie!

“In Merry Measure” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

“In Merry Measure” was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia, which looks to be just gorgeous! So many of the Hallmark films are filmed in Vancouver and it looks like a gorgeous place! I can’t wait to visit there myself one day.

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Movie Must Haves:

There were a couple of items in this movie that I just ADORED! I went online shopping until I found some items that were super similar, if not the exact same thing! So, if you had the same envy I did, here’s where you can find some of the great items seen in the movie!

I love Jennifer Robertson’s tweed jacket in this movie! It’s so cute and could be worn in so many ways. This isn’t the exact same, but it’s pretty close! And it comes in so many color combinations!

Patti Murin’s sweater is so pretty in this scene. I just love it. I couldn’t find one in the olive green color, but this sweater is a close match with the gorgeous bell sleeves!

I love Patti Murin’s belt in this picture! This one is pretty close and it’s super affordable. And it comes in a set of two, a black and a brown! It’s the perfect casual belt!

I love this coat that Patti Murin has on in this scene! It’s nice and long and very classy. It would be perfect for everyday wear and but you could still wear it casually too! And it woudl be so warm!

I also really love the fancy little black purse that Patti Murin is carrying in this scene as well! It would be perfect for a night out and very classy looking!

I love Patti’s teal coat! What a gorgeous color! There are a lot of wool coat options, and this particular coat is so affordable and has so many color choices!

I adore Brendan Penny’s scarf in the movie! It’s super manly but doesn’t look like it’s crazy heavy. I know my husband wouldn’t wear a heavy scarf for sure!

Here is the link to the actual dress Patti Murin is wearing in this scene. And here is a link to a very similar one on Amazon! Both are just gorgeous!

Fun Film Facts

The amazing Patti Muran is married to another Hallmark hunk (or Chicago Med hunk!) we might recognize, Colin Donnell! And they starred in a Hallmark movie together, too! It’s called “Love on Iceland” and it was great!! They were not each other’s love interests in the movie, but they were side by side for a ton of scenes!

Wrap-Up – “In Merry Measure”

Brendan Penny and Patti Murin cheer during a scene from "In Merry Measure" movie

The 2022 Hallmark Christmas movie season is in full swing and I am loving it! Wondering what I think of all the other 2022 movies? Check out the latest reviews on the “Movie Reviews” page on Deck The Hallmark Blog! In case you can’t tell, I adored this movie. It was great and refreshing and so, so entertaining! Brendan Penny and Patti Murin were amazing and I could not recommend it enough. I hope you watch it and I can’t wait to hear what you think! Until then, Happy Hallmarking!!

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