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It’s almost Thanksgiving! What better way to celebrate than talking turkey with this week’s movie! We’ve got a turkey preparation hotline movie! Let’s dive right into the “Holiday Hotline” movie review!

Niall Matter and Emily Tennant get hot chocolate and walk arm in arm during a scene from "Holiday Hotline" movie on Hallmark Channel.
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We are more than halfway to Christmas and through the Christmas movies! “Holiday Hotline” was one of the movies I had a star next to right from the very beginning because I am a fan of any movie that the ever-wonderful Niall Matter acts in. Plus, this movie had definite “You’ve Got Mail” vibes screaming left and right. Plus this week is Thanksgiving, so what better week to have a turkey hotline movie?! Let’s dive into “Holiday Hotline” movie review.

Emily Tennant and Niall Matter shop during a scene from "Holiday Hotline" movie on Hallmark Channel.
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My Review:

This movie is fantastic. I absolutely adored it. It’s sure to be in my top 5 movies for the year. I LOVED it.


The movie starts with Abby, a London sous chef who discovers her boyfriend is taking advantage of her. After quitting her job and ending the relationship, she takes a trip to Chicago for Christmas to stay at her aunt’s vacant apartment.

There, she meets Jack, the architect renovating the apartment building. While in Chicago, Abby gets persuaded to take a job at a holiday hotline, a phone service where people call in for Turkey cooking advice. She takes on an American accent and a pseudonym of “Peggy” so that the callers will think she knows what she is talking about. Unbeknownst to her, one of the frequent callers seeking help is actually Jack!

As Abby, or rather “Peggy” dispenses culinary wisdom over the phone, she develops a connection with the charming “John” (Jack’s alias). Meanwhile, sparks fly between her and Jack in person. Abby finally realizes that John and Jack are the same person, the confession doesn’t go well, but in the end, it all works out, as we know it is likely to do in a Hallmark movie!


Emily Tennant and Niall Matter are the stars of the movie and they are both just absolutely wonderful. As I mentioned before, I’m a huge Niall Matter fan! Emily Tennant was also wonderful and has been in a few other Hallmark movies as well!

Erik Athavale (Roger, the holiday hotline boss), is wonderful in this movie. In my opinion, he runs away with the show. He’s FANTASTIC and funny.

The Bottom Line

I loved this movie. I gasped out loud the first time that they put them in the same room together when they were on the phone with each other. I LOVED those scenes. This movie is charming and I’ll surely watch it over and over for years to come. I can’t wait to see what you guys think of this movie.

“Holiday Hotline” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about “Holiday Hotline”:

  • Bran – “I loved this movie. This is my favorite movie of the year so far. I absolutely adored this movie. When they are on the phone and in the same room, I LOVED it. It’s amazing.”
  • Brian – “I ended up really liking this movie. It got a little slow in the middle. I didn’t know how they were going to resolve the main plotline and it made me nervous. I liked this movie.”
  • Dan – “This movie is not bad. There are some things about this movie that really do work. The scenes when they are on the phone really work. Erik Athavale totally steals the show.”

Location, Location, Location

“Holiday Hotline” was set in Chicago, but it was actually filmed in Winnipeg. I did love all the Christmas scenery and Christmas lights that they put up everywhere. It was beautiful.

Wrap-Up – “Holiday Hotline”

Niall Matter and Emily Tennant gaze at each other during a scene from "Holiday Hotline" movie on Hallmark Channel.

This movie was wonderful and like a giant hug. I really enjoyed this movie and hope that Hallmark makes more like this movie. It was a different take and something we hadn’t seen in this way before. I can’t wait to see more movies like this! Let me know what you think after you watch it! Until then… Happy Hallmarking!

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