Hearts In The Game Movie Review

It’s the second to last movie in Hallmark’s “Spring Into Love” series. This season has really flown by! What says Spring more than a good love story and baseball?! Let’s dive right into the “Hearts In The Game” movie review!

Hazel and Diego dance at the house party during a scene from "Hearts In The Game".

We are rolling right along with our “Spring into Love” movies! As a matter of fact, this is the second to last Spring movie! I don’t know about you, but I’ve really enjoyed this batch of movies that Hallmark has put together! I always love the festive Spring movies and this one is no different. Let’s dive right in and see what we all think with the “Hearts In The Game” movie review!

Erin Cahill and Marco Grazzini pose in the diner for pictures on set of "Hearts In The Game"

My Review:

I really loved this movie! I adore Erin Cahill and Marco Grazinni. They have both been wonderful in past movies with Hallmark and this movie was no different. Additionally, I love baseball, so that was a bonus for me, though there wasn’t a ton of actual baseball involved. I loved the plot of old flames being thrown together again. For me, that plot device just works every single time! And I was thoroughly entertained by this movie!


Hazel Miller is an expert public relations manager. Diego Vasquez is a famous pro baseball player that is very much in need of rehab to his image. Diego’s manager hires Hazel to help Diego rehab his image so that he can continue to play pro baseball.

They go back to their hometown to work on Diego’s image and do some interviews for a magazine article. After working through some initial resistance and hard feelings, Hazel and Diego get on the same page and work nicely together, and of course, fall right back in love with each other.

There is some confusion over the article and he thinks that Hazel is using him for publicity for her firm. Eventually, they figure it all out, and all’s well that ends well. And the movie ends with Hazel and Diego married and him as a Major League Baseball pitcher for the New York Mets! Yay Love!


Erin Cahill is just a phenomenal actress! She’s been in a ton of Hallmark movies and the last time we saw her was in her Christmas movie, “Christmas Bedtime Stories.” Marco Grazzini was last in a Hallmark movie with “Right In Front of Me”. It’s been a bit since we’ve seen him on Hallmark, on account of him playing Mike Valenzuela in a little Netflix MEGAHIT called “Virgin River”!!! (Side note – “Virgin River” also stars Alexandra Breckinridge and Benjamin Hollingsworth of Hallmark fame too!)

Jax smiles at Hazel in the diner during a scene from "Hearts In The Game".

But I have to say, the real star of this movie for me is Jax, Hazel’s assistant, played by Donia Kash! She was absolutely fantastic. And any scene Jax was in was just automatically elevated. She was funny and she was wonderful.

The Bottom Line

All in all, this movie was a total treat and I really enjoyed it. The characters had great chemistry and the supporting cast was amazing as well. I would watch it again if it was on! I can’t wait to hear what you think! Let me know!

“Hearts in the Game” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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The Deck The Hallmark Podcast did an interview with the lovely Erin Cahill! See below for links to listen in and hear all kinds of fun details about “Hearts In The Game” movie and other projects!

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Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about his movie:

  • Bran – “I love it. This movie WAS a home run for me. It was amazing. It crushed it for me. Erin Cahill was wonderful.”
  • Brian – “There were a few things I really enjoyed about this movie. Jax, played by Donia Kash was GREAT. I liked the repaired friendship storyline. Not so good for me was their take on baseball. It had heart. They hit on some things that actually had heart. It didn’t knock it out of the park for me. It was ok for me.”
  • Dan – “Bad news. The baseball in this movie is really terrible. Everything else about this movie works pretty well though. It’s one of the better ones for this year.”

Location, Location, Location

“Hearts In The Game” was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia. It doesn’t have a ton of scenery in the movie to set it apart from being anywhere else necessarily. But I still love knowing where these movies were made each time!

Fun Film Facts

Did you know that Marco Grazzini is a couple in real life with another Hallmark actress? He’s coupled with Alvina August (Deliver by Christmas and Second Chance At Love). And if that’s not exciting enough, they are expecting their first baby together! Yay Love and yay baby!

Wrap-Up – “Hearts In The Game”

Erin Cahill and Marco Grazinni gaze at each other in a photo session on set of "Hearts In The Game"

Only one more Spring movie to go after this one. I thought “Hearts In The Game” was an absolute delight and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Erin Cahill and Marco Grazzini both shine brightly and it’s just an enjoyable watch all the way around. I can’t wait to see what’s coming next week to round out Hallmark’s “Spring Into Love” season! Let me know what you think of this movie after you see it. Until then… Happy Hallmarking!

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