Hallmark’s Best Autumn Romance Movies

Fall is in the air and it’s definitely time to start watching Hallmark’s best Autumn romance movies! The Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries have some fantastic Fall movies and I’ve compiled the definitive list (and free checklist) to see them all! If you want the Fall feels, here are the very best Autumn romance movies Hallmark has to offer!

Grid of 6 scenes from different Autumn Hallmark Movies

It’s finally Fall and I’m ready to watch some Fall feels movies! Hallmark Fall movies are some of my favorite movies that Hallmark has to offer. The decorations and colors are usually fantastic, and truly, I don’t think there is one that I haven’t loved! Often the movies are set in a small town with some kind of Fall festival and it just makes you want to dive into a pile of leaves and sip warm apple cider while eating a pumpkin muffin. That’s how good these Autumn Hallmark Movies are over the years! It’s hard to choose just one, so I’ve compiled a list of some of my very favorites and what I’d consider the very best Autumn Romance Movies Hallmark has to offer! In my opinion, besides Christmas movies, Fall movies are some of the best Hallmark movies to watch!


There have been a record number of new movies for the Fall Into Love season for 2022, but to be honest, so far there has not been very much Fall involved in them! Hardly a changing-colored leaf or pumpkin in sight! There are a few more movies to premiere in October 2022 that have some serious potential and are most anticipated to look like the Fall and Autumn season, so I’ll look forward to those and certainly add them to the list if they are worthy!

Movies (From Oldest to Newest)

Autumn Dreams – 2015

Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield embrace and smile during a scene from Autumn Dreams movie

Starring: Jill Wagner and Colin Egglesfield

Annie and Ben were high school sweethearts that eloped, but Annie’s parents have the marriage annulled and they go about their lives. Years later, both about to marry other people, they discover their divorce was not legally filed and they must resolve the situation. As you can imagine, an old romance reignites! This movie is on my top 10 of MY all-time favorite Hallmark movies.

October Kiss – 2015

Ashley Williams dressed as a mermaid for Halloween in October Kiss movie scene

Starring: Ashley Williams and Sam Jaeger

Poppy is hired as a temporary nanny for Ryan’s young children during the Halloween and Fall seasons. She and the kids get close and she also gets closer and closer to their dad. To get close to the kids she tells them she’s a mermaid. Hilarity ensues. Tune in to see what happens!

Harvest Moon – 2015

Jesse Hutch proposes to Jessy Schram during a scene from Harvest Moon movie

Starring: Jessy Schram and Jesse Hutch

A spoiled rich girl discovers she only has one asset left to her name, a struggling pumpkin farm in a small town, she wants to sell the farm to get out of her financial troubles. What she doesn’t expect is the man who runs the farm to be the person she falls in love with in life. This one is a delight!

Autumn In The Vineyard – 2016

Brendan Benny and Rachael Leigh Cook toast a glass of wine in the vineyards in a scene from Autumn in The Vineyard movie

Starring: Rachael Leigh Cook and Brendan Penny

Frankie and Nate are forced together while each tries to buy the same rance to turn into a winery. They are forced to work together and slowly but surely, they start to fall for each other. This is the first of the 3 “In the Vineyard” movies and I adore it.

Pumpkin Pie Wars – 2016

Julie Gonzalo and Eric Aragon compete in the Pumpkin Pie Bake Off during a scene in Pumpkin Pie Wars Movie

Starring: Jule Gonzalo and Eric Aragon

Their mothers used to be best friends but had a falling out years ago and now own rival bakeries in town. Casey and Sam are supposed to carry out the rivalry… but start to fall for each other instead. A delight from beginning to end!

Harvest Love – 2017

Ryan Paevy leans in to kiss Jen Lilley in a scene from Harvest Love movie

Starring: Jen Lilley and Ryan Paevey

Luna is a widowed surgeon and she and her son Andy go to her family’s pear orchard for a vacation and both decide they love the small town and farm life. And one more thing… she might also love Will, the guy that’s running the farm for her family. Does she want to stay a surgeon? Or would becoming the town doctor be better for her and her son? A Fall harvest triumph and sweet love story.

Falling For Vermont – 2017

Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres with the kids in the Falling for Vermont movie scene

Starring: Julie Gonzalo and Benjamin Ayres

Best-selling author Angela is super unhappy with her life. She runs out on a book signing, takes a drive, and has an accident, hitting her head, causing amnesia. She’s being cared for by the town’s handsome doctor, Jeff. She goes to live in his guest house until they can figure out where she came from and who she is, and as you could expect, they begin to fall in love. As her memory returns Anglea has to decide what kind of life she wants and who she wants in it. This is one of my personal favorites of all time!

All Of My Heart: Inn Love – 2017

Brennan Elliott and Lacey Chabert on a porch swing amid Fall decor during a scene from All of My Heart: Inn Love movie

Starring: Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott

This is the second of three “All Of My Heart” movies and maybe my personal favorite of the three. Jenny and Brian are now engaged and trying to make their bed and breakfast, Emily’s Inn, work and run smoothly. There are more goats and lots of fun with the guests at the country inn, all in addition to the sweet love story of Jenny and Brian’s next steps. And so much Fall feels in the movie!

A Harvest Wedding – 2017

Jill Wagner and Victor Webster at a Fall festival during a scene from A Harvest Wedding

Starring: Jill Wagner and Victor Webster

Sarah Bloom (played by Jill Wagner) and David Nichols (played by Victor Webster) grew up together and were in love in their young adult years. They broke up and lost touch after she moved to New York to be a wedding planner and he stayed in Massachusetts to run his family farm and be the farm manager. To everyone’s shock, Sarah’s new wedding account is David’s (Sarah’s first love) brother and the wedding will be set back on the family farm. Sarah and David begin to fall back in love, all in a gorgeous Fall harvest setting. I adore these two actors together and this movie is fantastic.

Under The Autumn Moon – 2018

Lindy Booth and Wes Brown pose for a picture outside on set of Under the Autumn Moon movie

Starring: Lindy Booth and Wes Brown

Wes Brown’s dude ranch is in trouble and may be bought out by an outdoor adventure company where Lindy Booth works. She goes to evaluate the ranch for the sale, falls in love with the ranch, and its owner. She hatches a plan to make her company’s proposal work AND let her new love keep his family ranch at the same time. Wes Brown and Lindy Booth are fantastic together and this is a great movie in Hallmark’s fall movies!

All Of My Heart: The Wedding – 2018

Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott in wedding outfits posing for a picture on set of All Of My Heart: The Wedding movie

Starring: Lacey Chabert and Brennan Elliott

Jenny and Brian are finally planning their wedding and as you can imagine, all their big plans are met with a few challenges along the way. Like a distant relative of Emily and launching Jenny’s Home Baked line. When it’s all said and done, this romantic wedding with all the Fall leaves and decor is gorgeous and they are surrounded by all the familiar faces of their wonderful friends from this series of movies.

Love, Of Course – 2018

Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison talk while he unloads hay during a scene from Love, Of Course movie

Starring: Kelly Rutherford and Cameron Mathison

Amy (played by Rutherford) takes her daughter to college in Oregon and isn’t looking forward to going home to be alone in an empty nest. Her daughter’s college offers her a temporary job planning their Harvest Festival, which has been getting less and less attendance each year. She must work with Noah (played by Cameron Mathison) to get the festival back on track, and along the way, they share some fun times and begin to fall for each other. A ton of this movie takes place in an apple orchard in the Fall and it’s just gorgeous!

Falling For You – 2018

Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes lean in for a kiss during a scene from Falling For You movie

Starring: Taylor Cole and Tyler Hynes

Lacey (Taylor Cole) is a small-town radio station manager and Zac (played by a beardless Tyler Hynes!) is a businessman that is visiting the area on a short-term project. They work together on a fundraiser for the radio station and while working together, start to fall for each other as well. This is a top favorite Fall movie for me as well!

Love, Fall & Order – 2019

Erin Cahill smiles at Trevor Donvan during a scene from Love, Fall and Order movie

Starring: Erin Cahill and Trevor Donovan

Claire (played by Cahill) is a big city lawyer that has returned home to help her father in a legal battle involving a neighbor. She runs into her former rival Patrick (played by Donovan), who happens to be a local lawyer representing the other side of the land dispute against her father. Oh, and the person he is representing? It’s his own mother. His mother and her father are in a legal battle for control of a piece of land that’s undecided on who it actually belongs to in legal terms. As they work together, they start to develop feelings for each other and an autumn romance ensues. This one is a great Fall movie and I love it!

Sweet Autumn – 2020

Andrew Walker leans on the counter to talk to Nikki DeLoach in a scene from Sweet Autumn movie

Starring: Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker

First of all, Nikki DeLoach and Andrew Walker might be my favorite Hallmark co-stars of all time. They are magic every time they are on the screen together, and I LOVE it. Maggie (played by DeLoach) and Dex (played by Walker) find out they have co-inherited Aunt Dee’s candy shop. They have to uncover the reason for her decision and decide what to do with that information. Aunt Dee had a plan, and by the time they complete all the challenges that she has set up for them to complete, they are falling for each other. I love this movie and it has Fall festivals and great scenery all around!

Love On Harbor Island – 2020

Morgan Kohan and Marcus Rosner chat outdoors during a scene from Love On Harbour Island movie

Starring: Morgan Kohan and Marcus Rosner

Lily returns to her hometown to help her Aunt Maggie run the family bed and breakfast after her aunt takes a fall. There she meets Marcus, a seaplane pilot that delivers rescue dogs, and in his spare time shows her around and reminds her that home is where your heart is and that her hometown is a charming and magical place. Technically this was a Summer Nights movie, but it’s clearly Fall in the movie, so I put it in with the Autumn movies. Seaplane pilots, changing leaves and dogs? Yes, please!!

Falling For Look Lodge – 2020

Jonathan Keltz and Clark Backo talk to each other in Falling For Look Lodge movie

Starring: Clark Backo and Jonathan Keltz

Lily (played by Backo) is stepping in as the activities director at Look Lodge after the current one quits. She must entertain a wedding party as the first task in her new position while keeping her boss (that happens to be her sister) happy. The bride’s estranged brother Noah (played by Keltz) decides to put his work aside and help plan the wedding, all while he reconnects with his family… and falls for the Activities Director all at the same time.

Roadhouse Romance – 2021

Tyler Hynes leans in to kiss Lauren Alaina in a scene from Roadehouse Romance movie

Starring: Lauren Alaina and Tyler Hynes

Callie is back in town after a two-year deployment in the military and wants to help make her late grandfather’s bbq restaurant a success again. Luke is a TV director in town for a location scout and he accidentally hits Callie’s truck, causing his car not to start. It’s a classic car, and the parts will take several days to arrive. In one of my favorite plot devices, he’s forced to stay in town and take in the local culture for several days. Together he teaches her that sometimes it’s best to look forward and not backward in life. As an added bonus, Lauren Alaina sings several times in the movie and she’s just so flipping talented. And gorgeous. In the end, Luke has to decide for himself if he is willing to “risk it for the biscuit.” This movie is an absolute delight.

Taking The Reins – 2021

Nikki DeLoach stands with her horse in a scene from Taking The Reins

Starring: Nikke DeLoach and Scott Porter

A magazine writer goes back home to her family’s horse farm to write her big article on horses. While there, her father in injured, and she must train to ride in the horse competition while discovering that the stable manager is none other than her ex-husband. I adore Nikki DeLoach and Scott Porter was also excellent in this movie. This is a really fun watch and you get some Fall feels too! And there are all kinds of horses and scenery!

Love’s Portrait – 2022

Aubrey Reynolds sits on stairs with falling leaves all around her during a scene from Love's Portrait movie

Starring: Aubrey Reynolds and Richard McWilliams

Technically, this is a Hallmark Movies & Mystery channel movie, but it’s filmed during the Fall. In Ireland. So you are welcome. What more do you need??? It’s also got a mystery element and a love story. It’s perfection. In Ireland. In the Fall. Do I really need to say more? It’s perfect!

Pumpkin Everything – 2022

Taylor Cole and Corey Sevier talking on a porch decorated for Fall during a scene from Pumpkin Everything movie

Starring: Taylor Cole and Corey Sevier

Amy (Cole) is a novelist that returns home to look after her grandfather and his store, which is themed “Pumpkin Everything” and must confront an old love from her past, Kit (Corey Sevier). This film has not yet aired, it’s due to air on October 8, and I’ll add more info and review then!

Autumn In The City – 2022

Aimee Teegarden and Evan Roderick walk and talk during a scene from Autumn In The City movie

Starring: Aimee Teegarden and Evan Roderick

Piper (played by Teegarden), bounces between temp jobs and gives herself two months to find her passion in New York City. Her jaded neighbor (played by Roderick) helps her and they discover New York in the Fall together. This movie is set to air on October 15, 2022, and after that, I’ll add more info and review!

Wrap Up – The Very Best Autumn Romance Movies Hallmark Has To Offer

And there we have it! The Fall Hallmark movies with the MOST Fall and Autumn feels available!!! There are tons of other Hallmark movies that are categorized as part of the “Fall into Love” seasons, but some of them have absolutely nothing to do with the Fall season whatsoever. I thought it was important that we get a definitive list of Fall feels movies that make you want to go make hot cocoa or apple cider and curl up and watch a movie in your new Fall sweater! If I’ve missed any great movies on this list, PLEASE let me know! I’d love to watch it and add it to the list!! In the meantime, Happy Fall and Happy Hallmarking everyone!

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