Hallmark Royal Movies List (Including Christmas!) Printable

Hallmark Channel makes some wonderful movies, and one of my favorite tropes is a royal one! Hallmark has made so many royal movies, so I’ve made a checklist of Hallmark Royal Movies List (Including Christmas!) free printable list!

Lacey Chabert smiling at Scott Wolfe during a scene from "A Scottish Christmas" on Hallmark Channel

I love Hallmark movies! That’s not a secret. And one of my very favorite themes of a Hallmark movie is the royal storyline. I adore when a royal family gets involved in the movies! I feel like the royal-themed movies hold a special place in viewers’ hearts and they are truly some of the best Hallmark movies in the lineup. These films, often set against the backdrop of picturesque castles and amazing landscapes (Often of other countries!), offer an escape into a world where love and royalty intertwine. Let’s dive into our royal movie checklist!


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Castle in Europe that is used as a setting in a hallmark royal movie

The Movie List

Here’s the list I’ve compiled (In alphabetical order!). This list covers all the royal movies I could find, and includes tons of Hallmark’s most popular actors like Lacey Chabert, Jane Seymour, Paul Campbell, Rachel Skarsten, Natalie Hall, Dan Jeannotte, and Merritt Patterson. Notably, Candace Cameron Bure never had a royal movie on the Hallmark Channel! Sadly, there’s not a Tyler Hynes royal movie either. 

  • A Christmas Carousel
  • A Merry Scottish Christmas
  • A Not So Royal Christmas
  • A Princess for Christmas
  • A Royal Christmas
  • A Royal Christmas Crush
  • A Royal Corgi Christmas
  • A Royal Queens Christmas
  • A Royal Runaway Romance
  • A Royal Winter
  • A Winter Princess
  • Christmas at Castle Hart
  • Christmas at the Palace
  • Crown for Christmas
  • Fit For A Prince
  • My Summer Prince
  • Once Upon A Holiday
  • Once Upon A Prince
  • One Royal Holiday
  • Royal Hearts
  • Royal Matchmaker
  • Royal New Year’s Eve
  • Royally Ever After
  • The Royal Nanny
Lacey Chabert in a wedding dress marrying Stephen Hagen during "A Royal Christmas" movie on Hallmark Channel

Royal Christmas Movies:

Just in case you want to double down on royal movies that take place during the Christmas season! I think some of the best Christmas movies Hallmark has are the royal ones!

  • A Christmas Carousel
  • A Princess for Christmas
  • A Royal Christmas
  • A Royal Corgi Christmas
  • A Royal Queens Christmas
  • Christmas at Castle Hart
  • Christmas at the Palace
  • Crown for Christmas
  • Once Upon A Holiday
  • One Royal Holiday
  • Royal Hearts
  • Royal Matchmaker
  • Royally Ever After

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Hunter King in a blue ballgown dancing with Jordan Renzo during a scene from "A Royal Corgi Christmas" on Hallmark Channel.

​Royal Movie Love

Why do we love the royal-themed movies so much? Just what is it that makes these movies so captivating? It could be that tons of people dream about finding love in the most unexpected places, or the allure of stepping into a life far removed from the ordinary. These movies tap into the timeless appeal of fairytales, blending modern-day romance with the age-old fascination for royalty. From the struggles of adapting to royal protocols to the heart-fluttering moments of royal galas, Hallmark’s royal movies are rich with stories that feel both magical and relatable at the same time. Whether the characters are on a European holiday, right smack in the middle of the holiday season, or in need of a consultant, all the royal movies have a fun twist and plotline. 

Hunter King and Jordan Renzo with a corgi dog, in front of a castle during a scene from "A Royal Corgi Christmas" on Hallmark Channel

​My Top 5 Hallmark Royal Movies:

Here are my top five absolute favorites of the Hallmark royal movies. or the “Gems” in the crown… if you will. (I got a good chuckle out of that, I hope you did too!)

1. Crown for Christmas

Danica McKellar in a red ball gown entering a gala during the "Crown for Christmas" Hallmark movie

Starring: Danica McKellar and Rupert Penry-Jones

My number one Hallmark Royal movie, and one of the best Hallmark Christmas movies of all time. Starring Danica McKellar and _______. The King falls for his daughter’s (a young girl that’s very mischievous!) nanny, who has shaken up his dull and dreary household after only a few weeks time, all the while with the backdrop of the magic of Christmas. Set against the picturesque backdrop of a snowy European castle during Christmas, the movie weaves a tale of love, family, and the spirit of the holidays. Allie not only finds love in an unexpected place but also helps to bridge the gap between King Maximillian and his daughter, bringing warmth and joy back into their lives.

2. Royal Matchmaker

Bethany Joy Lenz in a purple ballgown dancing with Will Kemp during a scene from "The Royal Matchmaker" movie on Hallmark channel.

Starring Bethany Joy Lenz and Will Kemp

In “Royal Matchmaker,” a struggling New York City matchmaker named Kate Gleason gets an unusual opportunity.  King Edward of Voldavia hires her to find a suitable wife for his son, Prince Sebastian, in time for a national celebration.

The task proves more difficult than Kate anticipates. Prince Sebastian is known for his carefree personality, making finding him a compatible match a challenge.  As the royal wedding deadline approaches, Kate manages to find a perfect candidate for the Prince. However, in the process, she discovers her own feelings for him blossoming.

Will Kate prioritize her duty as a matchmaker or follow her heart? The movie explores themes of love, duty, and finding happiness in unexpected places, all wrapped up in Hallmark’s signature feel-good style.

3. Christmas At The Palace

Merritt Patterson smiles at Andrew Cooper in front of the Christmas tree during a scene from "Christmas at the Palace" movie on Hallmark Channel

Starring Merritt Patterson and Andrew Cooper

In “Christmas at the Palace,” Katie, a former professional ice skater, is whisked away to the fictional kingdom of San Senova. King Alexander, burdened by comparisons to his father’s legacy, hires Katie to choreograph a special Christmas Eve ice skating performance for his daughter.

As Katie works with the King and his family, a romance blossoms between them. But their newfound love faces a challenge: will the traditions of San Senova accept a foreign queen? The movie combines the magic of Christmas with a touch of royal intrigue, all leading up to a heartwarming and festive conclusion.

4. Royal New Year’s Eve

Sam Page and Jessy Schram dancing at a royal gala during a scene from "A Royal New Year's Eve" move on Hallmark Channel

Starring Sam Page and Jessy Schram

Caitlyn, an aspiring fashion designer working as a magazine assistant, gets an unexpected chance to showcase her talent.  A visiting prince, Jeffrey, needs a stunning dress designed for his fiancee for the grand New Year’s Eve ball, a supposed proposal night.  Caitlyn lands the job, but as she creates the dress and works with Jeffrey on the ball preparations, sparks fly between them.  They grapple with their growing feelings as Jeffrey’s royal duty to marry for the sake of the kingdom clashes with his newfound connection with Caitlyn. Will love conquer tradition, or will Caitlyn’s dream dress end up gracing a loveless engagement? 

5. A Christmas Carousel

Rachel Boston in a red ball gown hugging Neal Bledsoe during a scene from "A Christmas Carousel" movie on Hallmark Channel

Starring Rachel Boston and Neal Bledsoe

Lila, a talented carousel restorer, gets a dream opportunity: travel to the kingdom of Ancadia to restore a historic carousel built by her great-grandfather. There, she meets Prince Whitaker, who’s overseeing the project as a surprise for his niece. As they work together to meet the Christmas deadline, sparks fly and they discover they have more in common than they thought. The movie explores themes of following your dreams and finding love in unexpected places, all wrapped in a Hallmark Christmas charm.

Crap, I  need a 6th one, I can’t choose between them all…

6. One Royal Holiday

Laura Osnes on a ladder hanging Christmas decorations while Aaron Tveit holds the ladder during a scene from "One Royal Holiday" movie on the Hallmark Channel

Starring: Laura Osnes and Aaron Tveit


This is a gem of a movie. I adore it.

A blizzard brings a chance encounter for Anna, a small-town innkeeper, and the royal family of Galwick. Stranded due to a canceled flight, the Queen (disguised as a regular woman) and her son, Prince James, along with their bodyguard, find themselves seeking shelter. Anna, with her big heart, offers them a room at her cozy inn. As they spend time together, Anna introduces Prince James to the simple joys of a small-town Christmas celebration.  Through caroling, decorating Christmas trees, experiencing local traditions, and finding the Christmas spirit, James discovers a side of life he never knew existed. Meanwhile, Anna shows James the importance of following his dreams and staying true to himself.  Sparks fly between them as they share this unexpected holiday experience. “One Royal Holiday” explores themes of finding love in unexpected places, the magic of Christmas, and the importance of staying true to yourself.

Rachel Skarston sitting in a chair with a reindeer hat on and rings on her arm from a ring toss game, talking to Dan Jeanotte during a scene from "The Royal Nanny" movie on Hallmark Channel

Wrap-Up – Hallmark Royal Movies List (Including Christmas!) Printable

Hallmark’s royal-themed movies are more than just escapist entertainment; they are reminders of the power of love and the belief in happy endings. In a world where cynicism often clouds our hopes, these films stand as beacons of optimism, encouraging viewers to dream big and love freely. They remind us that sometimes, life can be as enchanting as a fairytale (With a Christmas prince), and that true love can indeed conquer all. As I eagerly await the next royal story to unfold on our screens, I can’t help but be grateful for the joy and inspiration Hallmark’s royal movies have brought me. I hope you enjoy this list! Until next time and until the next new movie… Happy Hallmarking!

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