Groundswell Movie Review

Hallmark Movies & Mysteries is giving us all new movies in the month of August on Sunday nights! “Groundswell” is the third movie and it’s based on the book “Groundswell” by Katie Lee Biegel! Let’s dive into the “Groundswell” movie review and see how this movie about Hawaii and surfing (and love!) turns out!

Lacey Chabert and Ektor Rivera practice meditation on the beach before surfing

Here we are in our third week of Hallmark Movies & Mysteries new August movies. I’ve been really excited about this movie! It’s based on the book “Groundswell” by Katie Lee (now Katie Lee Biegel) and the book is great. I couldn’t wait for the movie! It’s set in Hawaii so there is gorgeous scenery, and Lacey Chabert and Ektor Rivera are fantastic (and gorgeous as well)! Let’s dive into the movie review for “Groundswell”!

Contestants at the cooking competition in a scene from the Groundswell movie

My Review:

I really, really adored this movie. Give me a love story in Hawaii and I’m yours already. But this movie really had a lot of moving parts and I loved it!

I loved the cooking competition. I adored that in the movie, Lacey Chabert got fed up with the nonsense from her job AND her boyfriend, quit her job, dumped the boyfriend, and then took a minute to regroup and rest.

It’s wonderful that in the end she finds a way to make her dream job work AND keep her new love relationship too. I loved the story of Ben (Ektor Rivera) working through a lot of his grief and learning to move on and believe in something new. There were several very touching moments that brought a tear to the eye for me!

I adored Ben’s brother Frankie (played by Omar Bustamante). He did a fabulous job and was such a fun supporting character! And the speech he gives his brother to get him back to his senses? So, SO good!

This was a win for me and I loved this movie! I love pretty much anything Lacey Chabert does. She’s just wonderful and so beautiful! And this movie was no different!

“Groundswell” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

“Groundswell” was filmed on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. This is our third Hawaii movie this year, and it’s not getting any less gorgeous! The beach and ocean are just so beautiful in all of these shots!

Fun Film Facts

Fun Fact #1

Ektor Rivera posing on the beach for a picture on set of Groundswell movie

Ektor Rivera is not only a movie actor, he’s a Broadway actor and has been in SEVERAL Broadway plays. Turns out he’s never been a professional surfer like in this movie, BUT, he IS a painter! He has an online gallery and his paintings are wonderful!

His gallery website is and has all kinds of his work on there! It’s in Spanish, as Ektor is from Puerto Rico and Spanish is his first language.

Fun Fact #2

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Fun Fact #3

What is a groundswell?

A groundswell, or ground swell, is a long-period group of waves created by a distant storm system over long distances, at least 2,000 miles away from the coast. The majority of groundswells are produced by mid-latitude depressions between 30 and 60 degrees and travel from west to east, swinging towards the Equator.

Surfer Today

This movie is based on a novel written by Katie Lee, now Katie Lee Biegel. It’s a great book and I’d highly recommend the read! I read it before I watched the movie. And although the movie and book are a little different, both are great!

Wrap Up – Groundswell

I love a Hallmark Movies & Mystery Sunday night movie and I had been looking forward to this movie for a while! I had heard rumblings that it was coming, and I follow Katie Lee Biegel on Instagram, and she had put posts up when she was in Hawaii for the filming. This movie has a sweet story, and I adored it. The cast really made this movie too, because the storyline itself isn’t new. But this one is different enough, with a strong enough cast to really make it great. Hawaii, as always, was gorgeous to look at and it made me want to scooch that way up on the travel bucket list yet again! I hope you enjoy “Groundswell” as much as I did! Let me know what you think once you watch it!


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