FREE Printable List of all Hallmark Christmas Movies: A Complete Guide

It’s the holiday season and that means it’s also Hallmark Christmas movie season, and all the new movies are premiering left and right. It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! And in addition, Hallmark is playing Christmas movies 24/7 on the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries Channel and that will really get you in the Christmas spirit in a hurry! Are you wondering if you’ve seen all the Hallmark movies? Now you have a free printable list of all Hallmark Christmas movies to check and see!!

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I love the Hallmark Christmas movie-watching season! Well, for me, every day of the year is the Hallmark Christmas movie-watching season. I record a TON of them and watch them the entire year through. But I’m also still kind of new to Hallmark movies, having only discovered they existed in 2019. So, I’ve got some catching up to do! And I have always wondered, have I seen all of them? Surely not! But how do I know? I needed a printable list of all Hallmark Christmas movies to look at. Like a list of all the Hallmark Christmas movies ever made. And I couldn’t find one! So I made one. And then I thought, well if I wanted this, I bet a lot of other people wanted it too! So, voila! Here it is to share with you!

Free Printable List of All Hallmark Christmas Movies

So, after searching and searching for a printable Hallmark Christmas movie list with every single Christmas movie they have ever made, I came up empty-handed. So, I made it myself! That’s right! I’ve created a printable list of all Hallmark Christmas movies. Like, every single Christmas movie Hallmark ever made (Since 1999 at least!). And I’m sharing it for everyone to get a FREE printable copy! I’m so excited and I hope you will be, too! There are 378 movies on the list, so there’s a lot of watching to do!

How To Get The List!

You can download this list in two different but equally easy ways!! Either way is absolutely FREE and either way, you are signing up to be part of the Deck the Hallmark Blog weekly newsletter, and that’s awesome because you’ll get a weekly newsletter filled with holiday joy and movie cheer, recipes, movie reviews, and other fun lifestyle and movie tips and ideas!

Option 1

Your first option is to sign up for a password to access our Movie Checklist Libary. This is the way I’d suggest going because it’s AWESOME. It has checklists for all the 2023 Christmas movies (Including other networks and streaming services like Amazon Prime and Apple TV), and I’m adding all kinds of other checklists all the time. So if you go this route you can just keep going back for all the free printables you want! Just keep printing or downloading whichever list you’d like at the time!


Option 2

The second option is to sign up for the newsletter and I’ll email you links to download the checklist! No logging in or passwords are required!

So, you choose which route you’d like to go and get about downloading and printing your free printable list of all Hallmark Christmas movies. I have to say, this checklist makes my Christmas movie-watching heart so very happy and I sure hope it will make you happy and save you some time and effort, too!

What’s on The List?

Every single Christmas movie Hallmark has made since the year 1999 and onward! It’s a LONG list. I’ve put it in order by year to help a little! Or you can get it in alphabetical order, too. I like to have both! The list includes the Miracles of Christmas series the Countdown to Christmas series, the Christmas in July series, The Hallmark Hall of Fame series, and all the others I could find! Best of all, this is a FREE printable checklist!

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My Own History of Hallmark Movies

I didn’t know Hallmark movies were really a thing until about 3 years ago. Fall of 2019 to be exact.

I mean, I knew they made them and I had seen one in passing here and there – back when there was an occasional Hallmark Hall of Fame movie on a Sunday evening in my growing-up years. But I, a girl that adores Christmas with every fiber of my being, had been missing out on the glory of Hallmark Christmas Movies. How could this be??

How did I find them?? My mom! She had her knee replaced in the Fall of 2019 and at the same time, I’d fallen down my stairs while carrying one of my toddlers and had a few injuries to heal up. So we parked ourselves in front of the tv and watched Christmas movies until we were feeling better. I had no idea there were so many!!! And that I could have been watching these all along!

So I watched a couple that year. And what came after 2019? That’s right 2020 and the world shut down. But not Hallmark movies. I had a chance to catch up on a bunch of movies that I had missed and I was unquestionably hooked.

I Was Hooked

By 2021 I was printing out all the checklists from all the channels, and then as you can see by being on my blog, by the 2022 holiday season, I had my own blog dedicated to Hallmark movies. I have to be honest, I never saw that one coming, and it’s turned out to be my favorite job of all time. I adore writing about these movies.

But since I got a late start to the Hallmark movie game, I couldn’t help but wonder — how many Christmas movies had I missed out on?? Was there a printable list I could keep track of to check off as I watched Christmas movies so I’d know when I had seen them all? Because, bet your bottom dollar, at some point, I’ll watch every single one of them. And you can also bet your bottom dollar, I love a good checklist.

And to be honest — I couldn’t find what I wanted. So, I thought – you have skills. You have a blog dedicated to Hallmark movies. Just make the checklist you want and then share it with others who have been looking too. And here we are. Voila!!

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Why Hallmark Movies?

I hear the same questions over and over, and it’s from the people that don’t love Hallmark movies. Why do you watch these movies? They are all the same. They tell the same story. They are predictable. They have a formula. It’s all the same actors and actresses. And it sure isn’t in the same arena as “It’s a Wonderful Life” or even all the holiday rom-com movie options.

And to that I say — that’s all 100% true. Totally. I make no arguments or excuses. But you know what else?? I LOVE them. They fill me up and put joy in my bucket when I desperately need it sometimes. They are a comfort and a joy and they bring me happiness. There are a ton of new Christmas movies every year, and I LOVE it. I love the time of year when they come out and the new season starts! Some of my favorite movies have turned out to be Hallmark Christmas movies.

Are they the best Christmas movies ever made? Of course not. Is it that I’m living vicariously through them? Probably sometimes. Is it that they remind me of Christmases and family gatherings from times gone by? For sure. Is it because they are simple and happy and fun? 100% yes!

I think the world is a scary, depressing, and intimidating enough place. I’ll take my sweet beloved Hallmark movies as an escape any day. And I’m not alone, Hallmark Channel averages 1.7 MILLION viewers per day. Lots of people must like a little help getting into the holiday mode!

What’s on the List?

The list has every Hallmark Christmas movie made since 1999 on the list. It covers all kinds of actors and actresses. All kinds of settings and cities! All kinds of plot tropes! And I love them all!!

Actors and Actresses:

Some of the names you’ll see over and over again because they are network favorites. Some actors only do one or two movies. But you have your network darlings like Lacey Chabert, Candace Cameron Bure (who has moved to Great American Family channel along with Danika McKellar), Rachel Boston, Taylor Cole, Erica Durance, Ashley Williams, and so many more!

And then over the years, some of the actors you’ll see over and over again include Andrew Walker, Tyler Hines, Paul Campbell, Ryan Paevy, Niall Mater, Beau Bridges, and lots and lots more!

Famous Plots

Here are some of my very favorite movie plots for Hallmark movies:

  • Professional shopper helps Scrooge/Grinch rediscover the meaning of Christmas and find love again
  • Cozy Christmas inn needs more business and the guests all pitch in to help the Inn before it fails
  • The family farm is about to be sold and needs help to keep it in the family
  • Guardian angel wrestles with the challenges of her assignment
  • A second chance with your first love when you come home for the Christmas season
  • Married couple having problems reunites over the magic of Christmas
  • The children’s book author comes home for a book signing and runs into an old love interest
  • Holiday grinch hires a personal shopper to find the perfect present for their partner
  • The main characters are stuck in a rut and end up going on unexpected journeys of self-discovery
  • Single mom comes back to hometown and reignites a romance with an old flame
  • An Interior designer gets a huge job for Christmas party decorations and has to work with the family scrooge with the help of her best friend and assistant
  • Royal Christmas with a Christmas prince or princess
The Rockettes dance in "A Holiday Spectacular" Christmas movie


2022 Hallmark season of Christmas movies has all KINDS of new stuff for Hallmark Channels! There’s a Radio City Music Hall special (with the Radio City Rockettes!), one about a magical miniature Christmas village, a movie about Hanukkah, a movie about Kwanza, and their first-ever movie featuring a prominent LGBTQ+ storyline!

Here are just a FEW of the storylines from the 2022 Hallmark Christmas movies so far:

  • American architect working in London hires personal shopper for Christmas gift
  • Magical Christmas village makes wishes come true
  • A movie about a Chinese restaurant called the Golden Dragon and how it’s a holiday hub for everyone.

My Reviews

And hey — if you are wondering what I am thinking of each 2022 Hallmark Christmas movie, visit my review page and see the latest info on all the new Hallmark Christmas movies! I’ve got the review, the links to the podcast episodes, fashion finds, and more in each review!

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Wrap-Up – The Complete Guide To Every Hallmark Christmas Movie Ever

So there you have it! Hallmark Christmas movies are so much fun, and I hope you enjoy your free printable list of every single Hallmark Christmas movie that’s been made in this century! I enjoyed making it and seeing the names of some of my favorite movies I’ve seen, and I’m so excited to add on some more as the weeks go by! Get cozy and have yourself a movie night and watch your favorite Christmas movies this season! I’m wishing you a Happy Holiday season full of Hallmark Christmas movies! Happy Hallmarking!

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