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It’s the premiere movie for Hallmark’s Passport to Love Season and we are going all around the world this month! We are starting our travels on the island of Malta with Andrew Walker and Margaret Clunie with the “For Love & Honey Movie Review”!

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June is here already! And we are kicking off Hallmark Channel’s “Passport to Love” series! I love a good movie set on location somewhere beautiful! It’s one of my favorite kinds of Hallmark movies! And the premiere movie, “For Love & Honey” surely did not disappoint, as it’s filmed in Malta! Let’s jump right into our “For Love & Honey” movie review.

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My Review:

I really enjoyed this movie! Gorgeous scenery aside (And by that I mean the country of Malta AND Andrew Walker…), this was a fun movie to watch! I enjoyed the history, archeology, and bee-keeping parts of the movie, as well as the cute little love story that develops! I thought that the two main characters, Austen and Eva had great chemistry and were super cute together.


The plot of the movie follows Eva, a beekeeper, who stumbles upon an ancient fresco while rescuing a hive in her town. Intrigued by the discovery, a visiting archaeologist named Austen convinces Eva to help him decipher its meaning and explore historical sites across the beautiful island of Malta. As they work together, you know the sparks fly and their professional pursuits turn into a blossoming romance!


Andrew Walker plays Austen and he’s wonderful, as he always is! He’s one of the leading men of Hallmark and you can see him in all kinds of movies, both regular season and Christmas movies!

Margaret Clunie plays Eva and she was new to me, and she’s new to Hallmark Channel. I loved her and thought she was great, and hope we see more of her! She’s got TONS of acting credits! Check out her IMDB HERE.

The Bottom Line

I really enjoyed this movie. It was fun and light to watch, and my goodness, Malta is a gorgeous country. The scenery was just fantastic, and I enjoyed the plot of the film and the love story very much! Let me know what you think of the movie!

“For Love & Honey” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about “Shifting Gears”:

  • Bran – “First of all, Andrew Walker is a national treasure, and he’s great. Overall, this was ok. It was too smart for me, I don’t like learning. But this movie wasn’t hard to look at thanks to Andrew Walker.”
  • Brian – “Andrew Walker was great. But it was a little too boring for me.”
  • Dan – “This movie is unfortunate. It’s a waste of Malta, and it’s a waste of Andrew Walker’s time. This movie was loaded to the gills with fun facts and explanations, and it’s dull and boring. Andrew Walker is the best in his game and he was wasted in this movie.”

Location, Location, Location

“For Love & Honey” was set and filmed in Malta, particularly the Valletta Region. The Cinemaholic has a very detailed post on the specific locations and cities where the movie was filmed HERE. I had always heard of Malta and loosely knew that it was an island in the Mediterranean, but I had no clue of the history or beauty that it has to offer! Malta moved WAY, way up on the travel bucket list as soon as I saw this movie!

Fun Movie Fact:

The lead actor, Andrew Walker, got bees stuck in his bee suit when he unzipped his pocket at the wrong time! See the article on HERE for the entire funny story!

Wrap-Up – “For Love & Honey”

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This movie was super fun and a great kick-off to Passport to Love season for June! I love travel movies and summer movies and we have several more location movies coming up! We are going to Paris and Greece next and I cannot wait! I would recommend “For Love & Honey” as a cute summer movie for anyone ready to travel a little bit via film for an hour or two! Let me know what you think of it! Until then… Happy Hallmarking!

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