Fly Away With Me Movie Review

We are officially into the Fall season and WELL into the Hallmark Fall Into Love movie season! This movie is the 8th of the Fall movie line up and as you’ll see in the “Fly Away With Me” Movie Review, it does not disappoint! There’s a bird! There’s a dog! And, there’s a sweet love story! What more could you want!?

Natalie Hall and Ted Mooney and the bird and dog pose for a picture on set of Fly Away With Me Movie

It’s already our 8th Fall Into Love movie! The Fall season is finally here and we only have 3 more Fall movies after this one! And then Christmas time is HEREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! But back to “Fly Away With Me”! This movie has it all. A parrot! A gorgeous dog. Love stories! Airplanes! Fancy apartments! You name it, this movie has it. This is a superfun idea for a movie and I think we should jump right into the movie review.

Natalie Hall sits with her bird in a scene from Fly Away With Me

My Review:

Let me just start by saying I really loved this movie. What’s not to love? Parrots… check. Dogs… check. Horrendous villan landlord AND boss… check. Sweet love story… check! I mean, seriously, it has it all!

Is this movie a little over the top zaney? For sure. Does Natalie Hall sing and dance as a part of the movie for no evident reason? You bet. Is there any Fall feels to the movie? None whatsoever. Do they run around for an hour and half trying to hide their pets? Sure do. And even STILL, this is a good movie.

The casting for this movie was fantastic, especially regarding Kyle (Joseph Kathrein) and Gineen (Melinda Michael), because they are just absolute monsters in the movie! I mean – just awful people. And I love that in the end they find each other and connect! That’s such a great touch!

I adored the ending where Louis, the concierge, played by Paul Constable, lets everyone know that the landlord has left the building and ALL the residents go about sneaking their animals out of the building. I adored everyone having pets at the end and I thought that was great and such a cute way to end the movie.

All in all, I loved this movie. I’m guessing it won’t be for everyone, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Definitely let me know what you think after you watch it!

“Fly Away With Me” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Do you love the stars of this movie?! Well, the guys interviewed Natalie Hall earlier this year! It was for another movie of hers called “Road Trip Romance.” She’s an absolute delight and this interview is great!

Natalie Hall – Audio Interviews

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Location, Location, Location

“Fly Away With Me” is set in Chicago, but was actually filmed in Ottawa Canada this past year. Ottawa is the capital of all of Canada and looks to be an absolutely gorgeous city! It’s definitely going on the travel bucket list!

Fun Film Facts

The bird in this movie’s name was BG and the dog was Armani. Both Natalie Hall and Peter Mooney gushed about working with both the bird and the dog for this movie during this interview on Distractify. The animals had certain hours that had to be kept and could not run over. So, in some of the scenes, they are acting as if the animal is there when in fact they are not.

Natalie Hall and Peter Mooney kiss in a scene from Fly Away With Me

Wrap Up – Fly Away With me

We are seriously blazing through the Fall Into Love movies! I really liked this movie a lot. It was different than any other plot and any other storyline I had seen on Hallmark and that’s saying something! They put out so many movies that it must be hard to keep coming up with new and fresh ideas! I maintain, this movie has all you need and then some!! The animals alone give it such personality! Give it a watch and let me know what you think!


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