Dating The Delaneys Movie Review

Hallmark’s 2022 Fall into Love season is in full swing and Dating the Delaneys premiered this week. As you’ll read in the Dating the Delaneys Movie Review, this Hallmark film did not disappoint and reunites two of Hallmark’s biggest names and most beloved actors!

Paul Campbell and Rachel Boston embrace in a scene from Dating the Delaneys

It’s Fall Movie time! We are well on our way with all of Hallmark’s new Fall movies for 2022. This is the movie I have been the most excited to see! I adore Paul Campbell and Rachel Boston. There’s not a single movie they have been in together or separately that I’ve not loved! And this is no exception! Who doesn’t love a sweet love story with three generations of women navigating the dating world!! Let’s get going on the Dating the Delaneys movie review!

Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell chat and grin at each other in a scene from Dating the Delaneys

My Review:

There’s no point in beating around the bush. I LOVED this movie. I love Paul Campbell and Rachel Boston. Together. Separately. Any show or movie is good for me. I simply adore them. And this movie reunited them on screen and it was pure magic. I loved it.

Did this movie have a strong Fall theme or presence? Nope. More than any of the Fall movies so far! And by more, I mean Rachel Boston did mention the word pumpkin spice in the movie. LOL! I’m not sure what’s doing with these non-Fall Fall movies this year so far!

I thought the actual story was cute. I liked seeing the grandma and the daughter also navigating their love lives. The situations they found themselves in were all very relatable to most of us.

Also, I love a good baking movie, and this movie had plenty of baking! Of all kinds of delicious goodies! Salty Chocolate chip cookies? Pecan Pie Cake? YES PLEASE!

In case you couldn’t tell, I really enjoyed this movie and I really hope Hallmark teams up Paul Campbell and Rachel Boston again soon!

“Dating The Delaneys” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

“Dating the Delaneys” was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada in July 2022. Though there is really not much in the movie that would have screamed Vancouver, that’s the filming location.

Fun Film Facts

This is more a fun fact about the two lead actors than the film. Did you know that Paul Campbell and Rachel Boston did another Hallmark film together in 2019 called “The Last Bridesmaid”? Well, they did and it’s an absolute delight. You should definitely catch it the next time it’s on as a rerun! They play it at least once a month over on Hallmark Channel!

Rachel Boston and Paul Campbell kiss in a scene from Dating the Delaneys

Wrap Up – Dating The Delaneys

Another Fall movie was watched and reviewed! This is my favorite Fall into Love 2022 movie so far! And it will be hard to beat, just because I love these two leads so, so much. I am hoping there are more Fall scenes and scenery and pumpkins coming in the next few weeks worth of movies though! I’m missing that element from all these “Fall” movies! But having said all of that, if you haven’t seen “Dating the Delaneys” yet, make sure you catch it this season. It’s not to be missed! Until next time, Happy Hallmark Watching!


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  1. In Dating the Delanys they made a pecan pie cake. I would love to get the recipe. Would you have any idea how to get a copy

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