I’m Sarah!

I love Hallmark movies! I love the Deck the Hallmark Podcast! I love creating recipes and decorating! I LOVE Christmas and Christmas MOVIES! And I’ve rolled all that love into one giant blog of joy and fun here at the Deck The Hallmark Blog!

I’m also a wife and mom of two little boys, and that keeps me super busy every day! I discovered Hallmark movies a few years ago (Boy, had I been missing out!), and winding down at the end of the day with a sweet Hallmark movie is my favorite thing. Follow along with me as I watch the movies each week and tell you what I think! And I’m throwing in some recipes and lifestyle ideas too!

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Meet the Guys!

Let me introduce you! Pictured left to right, are The Deck The Hallmark Podcast guys, Panda (Daniel Pandolph), Dan (Daniel Thompson), and Bran (Brandon Gray). Deck The Hallmark Podcast started in 2018 and they publish a new podcast five days a week! And let me tell you, they are absolute comedy gold. They are my very favorite podcast to listen to every single day.

From the beginning of every episode, you’ll know exactly what you are going to get! The intro goes like this…

“Hi, I’m Bran, and I love Hallmark Christmas movies,” says Brandon Gray, who also produces the podcast.

“Hey, I’m Panda, and I like Hallmark Christmas movies,” says Daniel Pandolph.

“I’m Dan, and I despise Hallmark Christmas movies,” says Daniel Thompson.

… and each episode starts from there! Each movie review episode features 4 segments, including the “Hot Take”, “All The Feels”, “Wait…WHAT?” and “What the Hallmark?”

In addition to the movies, the guys also review “When Calls The Heart” each week, and currently they are reviewing the “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” series as well! They also do a ton of interviews with Hallmark stars as well! Head on over to the podcast site and have a listen right now!!

They also premier exclusive content on their Bramblejam + Network! More on that below!

The Deck The Hallmark Podcast led to the guys starting the Bramblejam Network, and it’s amazing too!

By joining, you get exclusive Deck The Hallmark content for being a member, as well as access to their other podcasts, commercial-free!

Some of the other podcasts on the network include Yo Gavel Gavel, History or His Story, Back to Bayside, and more. I love them all!

As a member, there’s a private Facebook group you can join as well! And even better, it all comes into your podcast feed and it’s all commercial-free! Check out the BrambleJam + Network here!

And guess what else????

The Deck The Hallmark Podcast fellas wrote a book! About all the Hallmark Christmas movies they have watched!

The book is an absolute delight. It’s got Hallmark movie reviews! It’s got recipes! It’s got party hosting tips! It’s called “I’ll Be Home For Christmas Movies” and it’s wonderful and Christmas-y and hilarious.

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas Movies” is an awesome gift idea too! Just make sure you get one for yourself! The book has tons of pictures, even more fun, a foreword by Kristoffer Pholaha of Hallmark fame, and so much more!