Christmas In Toyland Movie Review

It’s Hallmark Channel’s Christmas in July for 2022 and “Christmas in Toyland” is the last of 3 new Christmas movies for July! It’s been so great having new Christmas movies to get us through Summer until the new Christmas movie season starts later this Fall! Personally, I think Hallmark saved the best for last with this movie! Let’s dive into the “Christmas in Toyland” movie review!

Jesse Hutch gives a gift to Vanessa Lengies in a scene from "Christmas in Toyland"

Well, it’s been fantastic! But all good things must come to an end and this movie marks the end of Christmas in July new movies! And truly, I think Hallmark saved the best for last! Now, don’t panic! We still have the rest of July and plenty of Christmas movies to watch, but as for the new movie premieres, this is it for now. It was so fun to have three new Christmas movies this year, and to be honest, I loved all three and enjoyed each one more than the next! Let’s dive in to “Christmas in Toyland!”

Vanessa Lengies shows a sketch book to a little girl in a scene from "Christmas in Toyland"

My Review:

So, we had three Christmas in July movies. And I loved each one more than the last! They were all great in my opinion, but this one was my favorite of the three! “Christmas in Toyland” was a lot of fun, I LOVED the toy store, I loved the storyline and I LOVED the chemistry between the two lead actors!

There were so many Christmas feels all around in this movie! A toy store at Christmas time? What could beat that?! And even though this particular storyline (you know the one… company struggling… corporate head honcho sent in to close the place down, etc,) has been done before, I loved the fresh angle that Vanessa Lengies’s character, Charlie, brought to the movie. She wasn’t there to shut down the toy store, she was there to figure out how to save it, and that was a fresh new take on an older movie trope, and I loved that.

I also kind of love that they weren’t successful at keeping the store open, and that both Charlie and Grant moved on to do something they were even more excited about doing than the jobs they lost. Grant opens his grandfather’s old store that will be very similar to his toy store, and Charlie ditches the corporate analyst job and is going to try her hand at designing toys, which is her true dream to pursue.

Vanessa Lengies and Jesse Hutch had fabulous chemistry on screen and I thought they were great! It was a big yes from me, I loved the movie! I hope you watch it and I cannot wait to hear what you think! Let me know!

Christmas In Toyland – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

Even though the movie was set in New York City and New Jersey, the actual movie was filmed in Hamilton, Ontario in Canada. A ton of the Hallmark movies are filmed in Canada as a matter of fact. Canada has tax incentives to encourage the film industry to work there AND it’s cheaper, in general, to film in Canada. Hamilton looks like a beautiful area and is just immediately west of Western Pennsylvania.

Jesse Hutch and Vanessa Lengies look at computer numbers together in a scene from "Christmas in Toyland"

Wrap Up – Christmas In Toyland Movie Review

The last movie in the Christmas in July premieres certainly did not disappoint! In fact, I think it was my favorite of the three new movies. I really enjoyed all three new movies for sure, but there was just a little extra something about this movie that held my heart just a little more tightly. I loved the nostalgia of a toy store and the rush at Christmas to try to keep the doors open for business. I really enjoyed the cast of this movie as well, especially the two main characters. Well done Hallmark! Keep up the good work! Happy Watching!


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