Catch Me If You Claus Movie Review

We are already through Thanksgiving weekend and the time is really starting to fly now! “Catch Me If You Claus” stars Luke Mcfarlane and Italia Ricci, and man on man, do they really shine in this movie! This might be my favorite Hallmark Christmas movie of the year so far! Let’s jump into the “Catch Me If You Claus movie review!

Luke Macfarlane and Italia Ricci standing in front of the bar owner in a scene from "Catch Me If You Claus" movie.
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We are halfway through the new Christmas movie season over at Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas! “Catch Me If You Claus” aired on Thanksgiving night and it did not disappoint! The actors are fantastic, the storyline is adorable, the mystery element is fun, and the scenery is gorgeous. (By scenery do I mean Luke Macfarlane has on a tight t-shirt for the great majority of this movie? Maybe…) Let’s dive into the “Catch Me If You Claus” movie review!

Italia Ricci points an umbrella at a tied up Luke Macfarlane to make sure he's not making any sudden moves in a scene from "Catch Me If You Claus" movie.
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My Review:

I adored this movie. ADORED. It was an absolute delight and I know I’ll watch it many times over for years to come. It was funny, but at the same time it had serious tones, the plot kept moving quickly, and it turns out Luke Macfarlane’s comedic timing is just fantastic!


Avery just earned her big break to be an anchor for the local news on Christmas morning. Accordingly, she heads home to get some rest on Christmas Eve before her big broadcast and wakes up to an intruder in her living room. They scare each other and Chris knocks himself out when he falls down.

Avery acts swiftly and ties him up with the light-up garland, and when the intruder wakes back up, he claims to be named Chris and is dressed like Santa Claus, in her house in the middle of the night. The problem here is there have been a string of burglaries in the area with a man dressed like Santa. Obviously, Avery thinks she has the Santa Burglar for sure.

Subsequently, a whole lot of chaos and hijinx ensues from there, Avery realizes Chris is actually Santa and that he’s been telling the truth all along. They have to catch the Santa thieves and additionally run Chris’s route for Christmas, and get Avery to the set by her 5am broadcast. Will they make it? You better watch and find out for yourself!


Luke Macfarlane and Italia Ricci are both beloved Hallmark alumni and they are each wonderful. But put them together and they are absolute magic and they really, truly shine in this movie. This movie takes some chances and pushes the limits and the entire cast steps right up to the challenge beautifully. And Avery and Chris’s chemistry together? Whew! It’s amazing!

Lastly, Italia Ricci and Luke Macfarlane did an interview/article with Cinemablend about this movie, and it’s a great read!

The Bottom Line

Unquestionably, this movie is a gem. It’s funny and it’s magical. Go watch it tonight! I cannot say enough great things about this movie. I’m sure you can tell, I LOVED it. I will say one more thing though… Hallmark… if you are reading this… basically, this movie screams/begs/pleads to be the pilot of a new Hallmark Movies and Mysteries series. She’s an investigative journalist and he’s Santa? Can you imagine how great that could be???? Let me know what you think once you’ve seen it. I’d love to hear everyone’s take on it and whether you loved it or not!

“Catch Me If You Claus” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about “Catch Me If You Claus”:

  • Bran – “I agree, what’s not to love. It felt really good to me and looked really good to me. I didn’t care as much about the mystery. I just wanted to get back to the love story. The two leads were dynamite.”
  • Alonzo – “This movie was super charming. The performances are a delight. Luke Macfarlane has never been better. It was a lot of fun. This is the kind of movie that you hope to get when Hallmark promises you this kind of movie, but rarely actually get.”
  • Brian – “What’s not to love? I liked this one a lot. A real-life scenario mystery! Luke Macfarlane is perfect for this role. The music score was so perfect, it carried the movie. Overall, I really liked this movie.”
  • Dan – “When this movie is good, it really works. But when it’s not, it’s miserable. This movie was a yo-yo. When it works, holy cow does it work. There is really fun and snappy dialog. Italia Ricci is great. This movie takes a huge swing, and I always appreciate that.”

Location, Location, Location

“Catch Me If You Claus” was set in Dayton, Ohio. However, it was filmed in Ottowa, Ontario Canada. Lots of the Hallmark movies are filmed in Canada. There are lots of tax advantages for them to film up there! This movie didn’t have a ton of scenery from the outside world though, as it was mostly on sets for the bar and Avery’s living room. So, accordingly, we didn’t see a lot of the outside world.

Wrap-Up – “Catch Me If You Claus”

Luke Macfarlane and Italia Ricci are trying to figure out what's happening with the mystery element to the movie in a scene from "Catch Me If You Claus" movie.

Here we are, working through Thanksgiving weekend in Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas! We are about halfway through the new movies! It’s been a great season so far, and “Catch Me If You Claus” is definitely my favorite so far this year! We still have a long way to go though! Lots of movies and Christmas cheer to watch!! This movie is wonderful and it will not disappoint! Let me know what you think once you’ve seen the movie! Until then, Happy Hallmarking!

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