Caribbean Summer Movie Review

It’s Hallmark Summer Nights season!!! “Caribbean Summer” is the second movie of the June 2022 Summer Nights season. As you would imagine, you’ll get a ton of gorgeous scenery in this movie! The “Caribbean Summer” not only provided gorgeous scenery, but also a movie of love, mystery, intrigue, and discovery! This “Caribbean Summer” movie review has all the details you need about this great little movie!

Caribbean Summer movie scene with Heather Hemmens and Ser'Derius Blain dancing

It’s June and Summer Nights 2022 is well underway now! WHOOOHOOO! I really enjoy Hallmark’s Summer movies. Generally, in the Summer Nights movies you get to see a lot of great scenery and have summer themes throughout the movies, and man, “Caribbean Summer” did NOT disappoint. And this movie has a little bit of everything! You have a work burn-out storyline, healing from a breakup, a bit of mystery and scandal, as well as a wonderful love story. I’m sharing my “Caribbean Summer” movie review below as well as links to the podcast and Youtube video reviews from the Deck the Hallmark Podcast fellas!

Caribbean Summer movie scene with Heather Hemmens and Ser'Derius Blain getting ready to go on a boat ride

My Review of “Caribbean Summer”:

It’s no secret, I’m a sucker for a good love story. And “Caribbean Summer” did NOT disappoint me! I LOVED this movie. And let me just say, not only is the location gorgeous, but this movie is also fantastic! The lead actors are Heather Hemmens (Jade) and Ser’Darius Blain (Ford). The two of them are great individually and have smoking hot chemistry together. I already loved Heather Hemmens from her previous Hallmark movies (“Love, Take Two” and “Christmas In My Heart”) and Ser’Darius Blain was new to me at Hallmark, but I thought he was excellent as well!

I knew when I saw the preview for “Caribbean Summer” that it would be a good movie. Usually, the beachy location movies always seem to agree with me and my heart! But what I didn’t expect was a whole little mystery to the plot! I loved the mystery of what Ford was running away from and hiding from. I loved that the movie took you through the process of him facing his fears and confronting his demons from his previous job as a lawyer. That was a whole new plot twist and I really liked it a lot!

If you haven’t watched it yet, give it a go. Truly, it was a really great watch and I enjoyed it immensely!

Caribbean Summer – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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Location, Location, Location

Caribbean Summer movie scenery with a beach and a pier in Belize

“Caribbean Summer” was shot entirely in Belize, and my gosh it’s gorgeous! The house they shot in was amazing too. And please sign me up for a beachfront house to live in! Maybe with a LOT of hurricane insurance. But still, the beach is your backyard. Come on! The scenery was just amazing. The ocean and beaches? Come on. It doesn’t get to look much better than these shots of Belize!

Caribbean Summer movie scene with Heather Hemmens and Ser'Darius Blain on a dock

Wrap Up – “Caribbean Summer” Movie Review

That’s it for the second movie of the Summer Nights series! As I said before, I LOVED this movie. It was a great watch for me and I was completely engaged and entertained the entire time. It made me want to go to the beach for SURE. And these two actors? They were GREAT together. I hope Hallmark gets a chance to pair up Heather Hemmens and Ser’Darius Blain again. I hope you enjoy “Caribbean Summer” as much as I did! Let me know what you think when you watch it!


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