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We’ve got a surprise bonus movie in February for President’s Day! In the month full of Jane Austin, there’s a fresh break for President’s Day with a movie all about a tv chef and a local family restaurant. Let’s jump into “A Taste of Love” movie review!

Erin Cahill hosts her cooking show during a scene from "A Taste of Love" Hallmark movie.
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Happy Middle of February! And Happy President’s Day! We’ve got a bonus movie for the month on President’s Day! And if I’m being honest, I was PUMPED to learn it didn’t have anything to do with Jane Austen month. It’s good to have a little break. For this little breath of fresh air, we’ve got a tv chef finding her true self in her hometown, which happens to be a gorgeous little beach town. Let’s dive into the “A Taste of Love” movie review and see what happens!

Erin Cahill lights up a Baked Alaska dessert during a scene from "A Taste of Love" Hallmark movie.
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My Review:

This movie was ok for me. It wasn’t fantastic, but it wasn’t awful. It was middle of the road for me. I enjoyed watching it for sure.


Taylor is a TV chef at a crossroads in her career. She takes some time off to go home to her hometown of Dunedin, Florida to visit her family and help out at the family restaurant. She gets home only to find out her parents are renovating the restaurant and then selling it.

At the same time, she’s also run into her old friend and former flame, Jacob. Jacob is helping the family with the renovations and seems to be around wherever she goes. They squabble a lot, but we quickly realize it’s because they still have feelings for each other.

Taylor and her dad enter into the annual cooking contest in their town and win, and Taylor realizes she wants to cook the way she wants to, in her family’s restaurant. And she wants to do that with Jacob with her. And it turns out, her agent gets the TV show to amend how they let her cook, and they will shoot new episodes from her restaurant!


Erin Cahill is an absolute gem and she’s wonderful. Jesse Kove was new to me (and Hallmark too!), and he was good as well. I didn’t think they had a lot of chemistry as a couple. The supporting cast was also wonderful. I loved her mom, played by Susan Gallagher.

Oh, and of course, Martin Kove is in this movie. Like, of The Karate Kid and Cobra Kai fame. It’s Kreese!

The Bottom Line

It was only ok for me. But I did enjoy the movie. I probably would not actively seek it out again.

“A Taste of Love” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about “Crimes of Fashion: Killer Clutch”:

  • Bran – “The food is great. Great to see Erin Cahill. She’s wonderful. Aside from Cahill and the dad, I could do without most of this movie. It felt very serious. It took a while to get going. Overall, I’m not offended by this movie. The sights were fine.”
  • Brian – “I really liked this movie. The music was good. I really enjoyed the villain character of Linda. I had so much fun with this movie.”
  • Dan – “This movie is terrible. Erin Cahill is such a pro, she is firemans carrying this over the finish line. There is not a unique cell in it’s structure. We have seen it a thousand times. The beach shots are great as far as scenery go. This movie is a disaster.”

Location, Location, Location

This movie was filmed in Dunedin Florida, which is right outside Clearwater, Florida, which is right outside the larger city of Tampa, Florida. Local restaurants and hotels were featured in the movie. According to Southern Living Magazine, Dunedin was named one of the 50 best small towns in the South for 2023.

Fun Movie Fact:

This movie is so fun, we have 2 sets of fun facts!

Fun Fact #1

Ever wonder just how much money Hallmark injects into a local economy when it shoots a movie on location? For this movie, Hallmark spent $1.6 MILLION dollars filming in Pinellas County in Florida. Part of that amount was over 350 room nights in hotels and over 30 local people were hired to work on the movie. Even more fun fact? Sea Sea Riders and The Wild Iris are actual restaurants in Dunedin, Florida.

Fun Fact #2

Martin Kove (from Cobra Kai) plays the dad, Glenn. And Jesse Cove plays Jacob, the love interest. And in real life they are father and son. How fun is that?!

Wrap-Up – “A Taste of Love”

Erin Cahill and Jesse Kove stand together during a scene from "A Taste of Love" Hallmark movie.
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This was a fun movie! I enjoyed it a lot, and as always, a good mystery is hard to beat! I can’t wait to see if they get to do more of this series. Brooke D’Orsay and Gilles Marini were wonderful together and had lots of chemistry. Plus, there’s the added bonus of more of the city of Paris along the way! I’m excited! Let me know what you think of the movie! Until then… Happy Hallmarking!

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