A Splash of Love Movie Review

We’ve got a Hallmark Bonus Original movie this week! Christmas in July is over and Fall Into Love starts next week, so we are in for a treat this week with whales, boats, and lots of ocean! This bonus original is a delight and you’ll see exactly why during “A Splash of Love” movie review!

Benjamin Hollingsworth and Rhiannon Fish embrace during a scene for Hallmark's "A Splash of Love" movie

It’s a week in between this week! Christmas in July is over and the Fall into Love season has not yet begun. But have no fear! That’s when Hallmark Bonus Original movies come to the rescue! This movie worked really well to end Christmas and to slide us into the Fall movie season! It’s got gorgeous scenery and the two leads are fantastic together! I love whales! I love boats! Add in a great love story?! And graduate schools? This movie has it all! Let’s dive into the movie review for “A Splash of Love.”

Benjamin Hollingsworth and Rhiannon Fish look out at the ocean during a scene for Hallmark's "A Splash of Love" movie

My Review:

I was more than skeptical of this movie from the previews. A whale movie? After three new Christmas movies? For me, that was a hard sale for sure. But I’m so glad I gave this movie a chance! I LOVED it. This movie was a refreshing delight and got me ready for the Fall movies!

The scenery is gorgeous in this movie for sure. More on the location below, but it’s just amazing and refreshing to look at on the screen. It’s so beautiful you almost feel like you are there taking a breath of that fresh Pacific Northwest air!

I loved the storyline too. I learned a lot about whales and I really enjoyed that more than I thought I would. And now, I definitely need to go whale watching! Preferably in the Pacific Northwest! I loved that she was pursuing her dreams and her successful career and wasn’t giving anything up in this movie! Lots of times lead character is too successful and needs a change (which is fine, too!), but I was loving that she was still in the phase of working to achieve her dreams.

And the scene in the kayak where the whale jumps right in front of them? Just pure magic. I loved it. That’s my favorite scene in the whole movie!

This movie is a delight from start to finish and I was thoroughly entertained and uplifted the whole time! What did the Deck the Hallmark fellas think? Let’s just say this time we have to agree to disagree on this review! Listen below to hear their thoughts!

A Splash of Love – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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Location, Location, Location

“A Splash of Love” was filmed in British Columbia in the Squamish-Lillooet region, and it is GORGEOUS. It’s just north of Vancouver, and immediately south of Whistler (which is also technically in the Squamish-Lillooet regions and was the location of the Winter Olympics in 2010!). It seems like I say that I’ve added a new place to my travel bucket list every time, but I’ll be danged if Hallmark didn’t do it again! This location is just breathtaking and gorgeous! I have no idea if you can actually see whales in these areas, but I’m all about it either way! It just looks so crisp and pristine and unmarred! It was a treat to watch the location in this movie!

Benjamin Hollingsworth and Rhiannon Fish kiss during a scene for Hallmark's "A Splash of Love" movie

Wrap Up – A Splash of Love Movie Review

This fun Bonus Original movie was a delight! Did the Deck the Hallmark Podcast fellas think so? You’ll have to listen for yourself! The cooler weather in the movie got me ready for the Fall movies, which is good because they start next week! And Rhiannon Fish and Benjamin Hollingworth were an absolute delight in the movie. The scenery was gorgeous and the whale facts were interesting! This was a big win for me! I hope you enjoy it as well, and definitely let me know what you think when you watch it!


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