A Kismet Christmas Movie Review

Here we are, wrapping up the first weekend of Hallmark’s 2022 Countdown to Christmas movies! These first four movies for the season have been fantastic, and “A Kismet Christmas” is just putting the beautiful bow on top of the package! Let’s jump into our “A Kismet Christmas” movie review!

Sarah Ramos and Carlo Marks smile for the camera during a scene from "A Kismet Christmas" movie

It’s the most glorious time of the year, once again! And it’s the last movie of the big premiere weekend for Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas for 2022! “A Kismet Christmas” has some new faces and some old favorite faces. And it’s a really charming story about magical Christmas cookies. Who wouldn’t love that! Let’s dive into our “A Kismet Christmas” movie review!

Sarah, Santa and Jasmine smile for a picture in Santa's sleigh during a scene from "A Kismet Christmas" movie

My Review:

This movie snuck up on me and was a charming little delight of a movie! I wasn’t overly excited about the summary I had read and I just didn’t start it with a lot of enthusiasm. It was coming behind 3 really good movies in the Countdown to Christmas premiere weekend, and I was skeptical. And I was SUPER wrong! This movie is an absolute delight.


We start with a flashback and see Grandma Mia (played by Marilu Henner!) make these magical “Kismet” cookies and on Christmas Eve, you put them under your pillow, and you’ll dream about your true love that you are meant to be with. Sarah is Mia’s granddaughter, and she sneaks a cookie when she’s a teenager and dreams of the neighbor, Travis (the slightly older neighbor whom she has a mega crush on anyway…). She wakes up from her dream, and runs to tell Travis the good news, only to find him literally getting married in his living room on Christmas morning. Sarah is heartbroken, runs back into Grandma’s house, and rips up the magical cookie recipe.

Back in the present day, Sarah is now a famous writer and is going back to Grandma Mia’s town for Christmas to see which kid won her writing contest. Shocker, it’s Travis’s daughter. Travis is now divorced and a single dad and they reconnect. Over the next few days they discover the feelings are still there — but can the recipe be repaired to see if Travis really is her one true love? Sure it can — and yes he is! Travis’s daughter sneaks a kismet cookie under BOTH Sarah and Travis’s pillows on Christmas Eve and it turns out they both dream of each other all night. They are meant to be and declare their love for one another. And God Bless Us, Everyone.


This movie has a couple of heavy Hallmark hitters! Grandma Mia is Marilu Henner — so you can’t go wrong with her! Then Travis is played by Carlo Marks and he’s been in TONS of Hallmark movies, my favorite of which is “Christmas With The Darlings.” Sarah Ramos plays Sarah and this is her Hallmark debut! She’s been in several TV shows including “Parenthood”, “The Affair”, and most currently on HBO’s “Winning Time.” And Jasmine is played by Rubi Tupper and she’s a delight! Rubi has done a few movies, and did a Christmas one for GAC last year, “A Christmas Miracle for Daisy”.

The Bottom Line

I really enjoyed this movie! As I said before, at the beginning before I started watching, for whatever reason, this one just didn’t do it for me. But I was SO wrong! I adored this movie and it was great!! Magic cookies to find your true love? Get out of here! That’s fantastic stuff! I highly recommend it to you all! Let me know what you think!

“A Kismet Christmas” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

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Location, Location, Location

“A Kismet Christmas” was filmed in Victoria, British Colombia in August of 2022. The area looked gorgeous and I’d definitely add that to the travel bucket list!

Fun Film Facts

Fun fact! This is Marilu Henner’s 27th Hallmark movie. That’s right, that’s TWENTY-SEVEN Hallmark movies. Check out the full list HERE.

Wrap-Up – “A Kismet Christmas”

Travis, Jasmine and Sarah in the bookstore during a scene from "A Kismet Christmas" movie

What a great first weekend of movies! Especially ending with this little gem of a movie! Truly, this might be my favorite movie of the opening weekend! I’m torn between this one and “Noel Next Door”! I truly did enjoy this movie from beginning to end though! With these first four movies completed, I can’t wait to see what the rest of the 2022 Christmas season has to offer! It’s going to be great! Let me know what you think of “A Kismet Christmas” and until then, Happy Hallmarking!

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