3 Wise Men and a Baby Movie Review

This is arguably the most anticipated movie of the Hallmark Christmas Movie Season. At least for me, it is! With Tyler Hynes, Paul Campbell, and Andrew Walker, I don’t see how a person could go wrong. Let’s dive straight into the “3 Wise Men and a Baby” movie review!

The brothers all posed with Santa and the baby for a picture during a scene from "3 Wise Men and A Baby" movie

After five weeks of waiting, the day has finally arrived! It’s time for the “3 Wise Men and A Baby” movie! When I read the list of movies in September when Hallmark released the 2022 Countdown to Christmas schedule, this was the one I was, without a doubt, the most excited to watch! I ADORE all three of the leading men and the idea for the movie is hilarious. I can’t wait any longer, let’s just jump right into the “3 Wise Men and a Baby” movie review!

The brothers high five during a scene from "3 Wise Men and A Baby" movie

My Review:

This movie is an absolute delight! It has a whole bunch of funny stuff. Additionally, it has some big feelings moments. It has serious moments. It has it all! With sweet little love stories for each brother. And I LOVED it. And so did the rest of the country evidently, because “3 Wise Men and A Baby” was the most watched cable tv movie in 2022!


The three brothers, played by Campbell, Walker, and Hynes, are still living at home with their mom, for various reasons. Luke (played by Walker) is a firefighter and a baby is left at the fire station with his name on it for him to take care of until the mother can return for the baby, named Thomas.

The brothers will have to work together to take care of baby Thomas because their mom has been called away when her sister falls and is injured. So, it’s the three men to handle the job! Hilarity and hijinx ensue, and the movie is delightfully funny while holding true to several very serious scenes dealing with big feelings.

While the trio of brothers is taking care of the baby, they learn a lot about each other and how to work together to make this the best Christmas ever for their mom, who just wants a Christmas like it used to be when they were little.


Andrew Walker, Paul Campbell, Tyler Hynes, and Margaret Colin are the main characters in this movie. And each of them is an absolute delight. You could easily think the three men were brothers, and their obvious affection for each other bleeds through on camera. And let’s be honest, watching these three gorgeous men on screen is not a burden either!

The Bottom Line

If you haven’t seen this movie, watch it immediately. If you already watched this movie, watch it again. It’s an absolute triumph of laughter and lifting of spirits. I could not recommend it more!

“3 Wise Men and A Baby” – The Deck The Hallmark Podcast Movie Review

What did The Deck The Hallmark guys think? You can listen or watch, whichever you like!

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Hot Takes!

Here’s a quick look at what the Deck The Hallmark Podcast Fellas thought about his movie:

  • Bran – “This movie is hilarious. We were worried it couldn’t live up to the hype. This movie did not disappoint. It was very funny, the three brothers had such a great dynamic. This movie was definitely fan service.”
  • Brian – “This was nearly impossible to separate from the hype. I liked this movie, it was really funny. This movie wasn’t long enough. I wanted more.”
  • Dan – “This movie is only ok from a movie standpoint. It’s really over-stuffed. All of this movie basically serves for the comedy. This is a love letter to the fans. The three love stories in this movie are just not needed. But the good news is that it’s really funny.”

Location, Location, Location

“3 Wise Men and A Baby” was filmed in Vancouver, British Colombia. There really aren’t any scenes that showcase a whole lot about the city of Vancouver, it’s just a popular filming location for Hallmark (and many other networks’) movies.

Fun Film Facts

We have two fun film facts to share here!

Fun Fact #1

Margaret Colin plays the mom in “3 Wise Men and A Baby”. In 1987, she played Rebecca, Peter’s girlfriend (Tom Selleck) in the original movie “3 Men and A Baby.” How’s that for some nice symmetry in the universe!

Fun Fact #2

Kimberly Sustad (who has a cameo as the doctor in this movie) and Paul Campbell WROTE this movie! Together! They also wrote “Christmas by Starlight” together. And no big deal, but Paul Campbell also wrote Hallmark Christmas sensation “Unexpected Christmas” as well! I hope they keep writing together because it’s equal parts pure gold and exceptional magic on screen!

Wrap-Up – “3 Wise Men and A Baby”

Paul Campbell, Kimberly Sustad, the baby, Andrew Walker and Tyler Hynes smile on set of "3 Wise Men and A Baby" movie

This movie was so highly anticipated and I’m so glad to report that it did not disappoint! Moreover, this will be a movie I watch every year at Christmas or whenever it might be on the schedule! It was an absolute delight with a powerhouse ensemble cast, and I could not recommend it enough. I literally cannot wait to hear what you all think about it! Let me know! Until then, Happy Hallmarking and Merry Christmas!

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